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Posted by GiulyRotarry on May 9th, 2013

Erectile dysfunction can cause many psychological problems so it’s no wonder that out of the many illnesses that have affected men so far, this one has received so much attention and such a generous research funding. Eriacta is a generic drug produced by the pharmaceutical company Rambaxy for exactly this purpose: to treat erectile dysfunction and spice up men’s love life in the process. Along with Kamagra and Erectalis, these are the generic drugs that provide men with a considerably improved sexual performance and throughout this article, we will be discussing about how this is accomplished.

We have read about its miraculous properties but how does it work? During arousal, the male body produces two chemicals, one of which causes the muscle in the penis’s arterial wall to relax, thus letting the blood to flow and the other causing the erection to subside. What Eriacta does is inhibit that second chemical produced by the male body through its ingredient, Sildenafil, which acts as its inhibitor. So, when the drug takes effect, it causes a build-up of the first chemical, resulting in a vigorous erection. Of course, for the drug to take effect sexual stimulation is required and the dose of one tablet of 100mg a day shouldn’t be exceeded.

Before taking the drug you should have certain things into consideration, such as pre existing conditions that would require you to take medicines based on Nitrate. If you are unsure, then you should consult your doctor so he can inform you if you are recommended to take this drug and if so, in what dosage.

Kamagra is the generic version of Viagra and although it may be less known than other generic drugs of the popular Viagra, it contains the same key ingredient, Sildenil Citrate and given that it hasn’t benefited from a substantial advertising campaign, its price is much lower and affordable to the average user.

Unlike other generic drugs, this one comes in two forms, tablet and jelly, the latter being especially designed for patients who have problems swallowing medicine in the form of tablets. Not only are they easier to take in this form, but they are also easier to dissolve and take effect.

Erectalis is the generic version of the well known branded Cialis and it contains the same key ingredient which is Tadalafil, in a dosage of 20 mg, which is not only reported to have fewer side effects but also that it takes effect much faster than in larger doses. And as fast as it starts working, as long its effect will last, up to 48 hours in exceptional cases, the majority of users reporting effective times of up to 36 hours. It should also be mentioned that in this case as well, sexual stimulation is needed for it to be efficient.

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