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How can Secure Woodwinds Instruments with Music Insurance

Posted by musicinsurancecompany on July 20th, 2020

Picture this - While recceing gig spaces for your next show, you parked your car outside a concert hall. You went inside, did the talking, and got back to your vehicle. However, what you saw shook you from inside - the rear window of your car was broken into pieces, and your valuable woodwind was gone. Yes, it was a case of theft in daylight. And soon, you realized that although your car was insured, your woodwind did not have separate Woodwinds Insurance. And that it was under your home insurance.

Your homeowners’ insurance might not protect you!

You called your home insurance provider to report the theft and file a claim. That is when a chill ran down your backbone. Your home insurance provider informed you that they would not be able to cover your gear because the accident happened outside the premises of the insured property. It is what usually happens with your home insurance, no matter even if you shell out a fortune on the premiums. You were clueless about what to do next because your musical instrument was not only dear to you but was also super expensive.

Dear reader, although the situation described above is hypothetical, unfortunately, what if you fall prey to such an accident? Instrument theft, loss, and damage are pretty frequent these days, after all. Therefore, industry experts advise all musical instrument owners and musicians to buy instrument-specific policies.

Home insurance policies are good enough. There is no question about it. However, you need to understand that you cannot harvest avocado from a lemon tree. Right? Similarly, your home insurance cover is to protect your home and its belongings. And the thing with musical instruments is you not always play it inside your home. An instrument-specific ensures the best protection for your gears and accessories. Therefore, you should overlook the importance of musical instrument insurance.

Third-party liability can break your bank!

Another scenario with musical instruments is - when someone else (third-party) gets injured, or you happen to damage the assets of a venue, a music recording studio, or a hotel room, you are most likely to be on the off-side of a possible lawsuit. And a public liability could be expensive and full of hassles if you are found guilty and are liable to compensate the third-party for their loss or damage.

However, you can minimize the risk of third-party liability by making sure to work with only those service providers and professionals who have insurance. Most importantly, you should make sure to get yourself suitable musical instrument insurance in the first place.

Musical instrument insurance ensures all-around protection!

Not just these, there are many scenarios that musical instrument owners could face at some point in their lives. However, the wisest thing to do is make sure that no unwanted situation can ever come between you and your musical gears while ensuring that your finances are well-protected. And, it is why musical instrument insurance exists. All you need is to understand your gear protection needs and the amount of money you are willing to invest in buying a policy.

Find a good insurance company and protect your gears!

Reliable insurance companies offer instrument-specific products, say Woodwinds Insurance, custom-tailor policies according to the coverage needs and budget of their customers. If you travel with your musical instrument, then you can also enjoy the benefits of worldwide coverage with a reputable musical instrument insurance provider.

Customer-oriented insurance companies offer quick, affordable, and hassle-free services to their clients. So, you can always count on their services. Always remember, when you know that your valuable gears are safe, you can give your best performance.

How to find a customer-centric insurance provider?

As there are hundreds of insurance companies operating in your state, it might find it difficult to choose anyone from them. Don’t worry, the pointers given below will help you with this dilemma -

● Go for a licensed insurance provider
● Go for an insurance company that promises transparency with pricing and extent of coverage
● Go for a company with all relevant certificates and accolades (these are the benchmarks of reliability and quality)

Last but not the least, stay safe!

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