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Posted by jobma12 on May 10th, 2013

Video resumes present an opportunity for job seekers to differentiate themselves among other potential candidates. Though they are called video resumes, they are not a carbon copy of a traditional resume recorded on video. They are short videos, lasting from 30 seconds to two minutes in which a person promotes their skills, talents, and personality through a short speech. Creating a video resume sets others apart in that they showcase soft skills that are not easily discernable though traditional resumes, and in many cases, these soft skills are more important than hard skills when qualifying a candidate.

Job seekers creating video resumes are to dress and act as formally as the position they are seeking requires. A video resume is much like a candidate constructed first impression during which they wish to put their best foot forward while divulging more information than a traditional resume could on its own. This platform provides the opportunity to expose depth of character and give examples of specific skills and behavior. In some cases, best video resumes force hiring professionals to see certain qualified candidates who might have been ignored by applicant tracking systems, systems designed to rate traditional resumes by keywords.

Recording a video resume is not a difficult task. With the proliferation of online video in the past decade, the technology to create and upload a video resume is everywhere from digital cameras to webcams to smartphones. Sharing these videos online can be almost instantaneous, depending on the destination and the web connection. The rise in smartphone usage has made it possible for these video resumes to be uploaded and shared from any location at any time. This creates an environment for increased candidate exposure, and it also makes these candidates more memorable. Recruiters no longer have to sort through piles of identical resumes, or miss quality candidates when using applicant tracking systems. These videos are far easier for hiring professionals to sort through, as they provide more information than traditional resumes, leading to better employee fit and more qualified hires.

There are several ways to upload and share a video resume. One is YouTube, the largest collection of online videos anywhere, and another is Jobma. Jobma is a website on which you create a profile, find video resume tips, and create and upload video resumes. The downside to using YouTube is that though the content is out there, it might not be seen by recruiters unless the job seeker distributes the link to the video in several different places. While conversely using a platform like Jobma benefits job seekers in that the platform itself is made specifically as a site for recruiters to search for video resumes. When uploading a paper resume to Jobma, the site embeds a QR (quick response) code right on the user’s resume so that it can be scanned by any smartphone and will lead hiring professionals directly to the profile and video resume. The profile can also be linked to all other online profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Monster, etc. to ensure total exposure.

With the use of online video continuing to rise, and the popularity of video resumes climbing, it is beneficial to get a better understanding of their applicability in the job search and hiring arena.

The author of this article Hannah Scherrer is associated with Jobma. Jobma allows job seekers to enhance their capability to reach employers in an exclusive and significant fashion, create unique video resumes by using Jobma resources and get your dream job.

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