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Posted by GeorgeVelvet on May 12th, 2013

Having custom dirt bike graphics applied on your bike can turn it from a bore to an attention-grabber, and all it takes is some mx decals, carefully picked out to guarantee the maximum effect, and properly applied, to guarantee your bike will stay looking fabulously for longer. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to add a little value to your bike before selling it, if you’re looking to bring your vintage model to the 21st century, or if you’re trying to set your new bike apart from all the others that look like it, getting mx decals applied is exactly what you’ve been needing.

When deciding which dirt bike graphics you want to apply, you should first consider their positioning on your bike. You have a few different options here. First, you could choose to get specific mx decals, to cover only a specific part of your bike, like the sides. Second, you could go for mx decals kits, which give you all the separate pieces you need, in order to make a complete look for your bike. Third, you could forego ready-made decals altogether, and opt for a custom dirt bike graphics job, done by a professional shop. Before you do anything though, even before you browse for mx graphics decals online, you need to carefully measure your bike, so you know what dimensions you’re working with. This step is crucial so don’t discount it, or you might end up with ill-fitting decals.

Not withstanding the size of the surface you want to cover with dirt bike graphics, it’s important to get mx decals thick enough to take you the distance. Thicker mx decals are more likely to withstand repeated scratches and hits, and should go the distance better than thinner decals, so look at stickers of at least 20 mm. If you really want to make your dirt bike graphics go the distance, then apply a clear sheet over the decals, for added protection. It doesn’t matter how many precautions you take, or how thick your decals are - sooner or later, they will start to show signs of decay or start to peel off. Don’t worry though, the degradation can take more or less time to set it, depending on the conditions in which you ride, depending on the type of terrain you ride on, and also depending on how often you ride your motorbike.

Once you’ve decided on the new graphics decals you want to apply on your bike, you now need to think about whether you want to try and apply them yourself, or whether you want to commission a professional graphics shop to beautify your ride. If your decal application is subpar, it will surely make your bike seem less attractive—and if the application is done incorrectly, you’ll have to pay extra, to have it redone the right way.

Considering getting new dirt bike graphics? If so, you should definitely check out  mx decals, as they’ll give you a lot of flexibility!

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