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Posted by GiulyRotarry on May 12th, 2013

If comfort is important to you when riding a bike and you are not interested in competing with other bikers and fast riding, you will probably be highly pleased with a beach cruiser bike. When it comes to comfort, a beach bike is an excellent choice, one that you will be very happy with. If you are wondering what sets beach bikes apart from other types of bikes, you should know that they are known for their wide tires, high handlebars and upright seating posture. As far as their popularity is concerned, these bikes are the latest craze these days due to their recent design innovations and to the fact that numerous bikers enjoy recreational cycling.

To begin with, beach bikes stand out in the crowd, as they are design to create a unique riding experience, one that enables you to make the most of a sunny day and the company of your friends. A few decades ago, there was no frame difference for beach bikes. Nowadays, a beach cruiser bike is available in three different frame styles. There is the standard cruiser frame, the stretch frame and the tandem frame, which are made of tube steel and are available in a huge range of colours.

Next, when it comes to gearing and brakes, a beach cruiser bike can have a single speed, as it focuses on offering an enjoyable riding experience, not a competitive, performance-oriented one. This is why beach bikes providers design single-speed gearing for beach bikes in order to accommodate the needs of all riders. Therefore, if you don’t want to use your bike for competition purposes and you are interested in the comfort it provides, you should invest in beach bikes that come with single-speed gearing and coaster breaks.

Another aspect you should pay attention to when purchasing a beach bike is the tire. It is useful to know that beach bikes have balloon tires that are meant to provide stability and traction, being ideal for recreational biking. We should not forget to discuss about the seats and handlebars of such a bike; what is great about these seats is that they provide unmatched comfort and they come with a wide seating area with padding galore. There are also bikes with banana seats and stretch seats for individuals who prefer a personalized look. Moving on to handlebars, the most popular ones are easy-loop moon bars, ape-hangers and lower profile cruising bars.

All in all, it looks like beach bikes are here to stay, as their popularity is on the rise. If you love riding and you don’t have a beach bike, it is about time you purchased one. These bikes are a perfect choice for people who love riding on the beach, they have a retro appeal and they are available at accessible prices. Nonetheless, if money isn’t a problem you can always opt for a luxurious model that will enhance your riding experience and will last for a long period of time. These bikes will never become outdated and they are an investment you will not regret.

We aim to offer bike enthusiasts a multitude of bikes to select from. Professional staff will guide you every step of the way so that you purchase a beach bike that caters to your specific requirements and is within your price range. You can never go wrong with a beach cruiser bike of premium quality.

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