Tubular Radiators And Trench Heating- An Aesthetic Heating Solution!

Posted by johnallanes on May 13th, 2013

Tubular radiators are the most economical way to heat up a large number of locations. These provide low level heating are cheaper to run than other forms of heating. The energy used by these is almost equivalent to energy used by electric bulbs. If you are looking for protection from frost, these are your best bet and it is because of this reason that these are extremely popular as greenhouse heaters. Some plants do not survive if the temperature falls below zero degrees.

These radiators help your plants survive the winter months with ease. These are ideal for humid conditions. Tubular Radiators also come with protective mesh guards. These guards help stop any injury or damage to the people. They are designed in such a way that it doesn't stop the heat from passing through them. These come in varying sizes like one feet to six feet. In case you are looking at a size larger than this you can connect two units with a connector. These are also available in stacks, which are mounted one above another offering saving on space. These are made out of robust materials and are finished in an array of colors. Either mounting brackets for floor or wall fixing accompanies all radiators.

If you have fully glazed walls then Trench Heating is the best possible heating solution for you. It distributes the heat evenly and prevents any cold spots or condensation. These are sunk into the floor and only a small part i.e. the grill is visible. It is aesthetically very appealing and is considered to be an efficient heating system. An aluminum-finned copper tubed heating element is placed in a steel casing. When hot water is passed through the element, it makes the cold air fall into the trench. The air warms up and rises through the grill, warming up the room.

Trench heating units can be easily installed within available floor and encourages maximum floor utilization as most of the unit is hidden beneath the floor with only the grill showing. So if you are looking at saving space you can choose this method of heating. They come in various sizes and floor depths to suit your requirement. Before you decide to install a unit, please make sure that you have the correct depth and the leveling is complete. The heating offered by this method is highly efficient. The Grills used to cover the trench can be color coordinated upon request.

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