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Posted by GeorgeVelvet on May 13th, 2013

It is customary to have dinner with a glass wine. Experts attest to the fact that wine aids in digestion. They recommend at least a wine glass a day to stay healthy and ward off heart disease and other health complications. Napa valley has really carved a niche for them when it comes to winemaking. Most people believe that some of the best wines in the planet come from France. However, there are few Napa valley brands that would give some French wines a run for their money. Where there are wines there have to be restaurants downtown Napa. Each winery downtown Napa has an eatery that serves culinary dishes that simply mouth-watering.

Most wine connoisseurs are very picky about the wines they have with their dishes. If you are starting out on being a wine aficionado then you are bound to commit a few wine faux pas that will earn you the harsh criticisms of pros. However, when you visit most winery downtown Napa, the experts there will acquaint you with all that you need in order for you to become a master wine taster. The restaurants downtown Napa has waiters who will suggest you the best wines to go with your choice in dishes. When you are looking to enhance your wine experience in Napa valley then the St. Clair’s winery is the best place to start on your journey.

St Clair’s has a lot of wines in their portfolio. If you are a wine enthusiast, they have everything for everyone. If you are sauvignon buff or a pinot noir enthusiast, then you can find your favorites in their eatery. Everything there is homegrown and served fresh. Hence, when you are asked by your friends how the experience was then you can toot your trumpet as having a very fabulous experience. When you are ranking the best restaurants down Napa, do not forget to have the St. Clair’s eatery. Their food definitely makes the cut when you are ranking the cuisines there.

The chef in the eatery is a world-class one. She is bound to get your taste buds tingling with her tantalizing menu. To crown it all, you have a choice wines and beer to chug down the food that you have just consumed. The beer in particular is right from their brewery. If you prefer a keg or right from the bottle, St. Clair’s has you covered. When you enquire on which restaurants downtown Napa that have the best home brewed beers, then this particular winery has you covered.

In a very competitive bar downtown Napa market, St. Clair has braced the storm to become one of the most talked about winery. Part of the reason why St. Clair’s has garnered such a starling reputation is because they have a lot of professionals in their midst. For instance, the founder of the winery has a degree in fermentation science and she knows the ins and outs of what it takes to make a world class drink that people can enjoy and be mellow with.

If you are looking on where you can find the best Winery downtown Napa or the best restaurant downtown Napa, make a point of searching for them in the net.

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