A smart home makes your life a lot easier.

Posted by maryparker on May 13th, 2013

Most of the achievements in construction and arrangement of houses have led, over time, to the transformation of the prehistoric cave into the house that we have today. The next step towards the completion of this home is its automation. Automation transforms the usual residence passivity into intelligent interaction between matter and human spirit. The house receives a smart centre which controls most of the home systems, and thus it becomes a smart home.

The terms of smart home, intelligent home or home networking have been used for more than a decade, beginning with the introduction of the concept of interconnected devices and equipment in a house. The best definition for a smart home is: integration of technology and services through automation for a better quality of life.

The degree of automation of a house or the benefits that it offers, depend only on the will of the owners and on the desired level of comfort. What does not differ in any of these cases is the ease with which residents of an automated house will permanently control the intelligent home systems, whether they do it from the couch in the living room or from thousands of miles away. In addition, an entire suite of routine operations are now part of a home owner's life and require him attention (controlled heating, activation-deactivation of security systems, lifting and lowering blinds, and so on). All this can become a simple range of pre-programmed, custom operations, invisible and comfortable. Once such a solution installed the level of comfort and personalization will rise to a level that previously seemed unthinkable. Besides all this, the fact that installing automation solutions determines monthly savings in maintenance cost of the house happily completes the benefits of automation.

In general, the possibilities that a smart house offers (house owner’s commands and system response to those requests) can be grouped into what we call scenarios. Such a scenario can take place as follows, indicating that each step and its effects can be scaled and modified according to the personal requirements of each owner: when you get home in the evening, you activate a single command on your phone which will open the garage doors and the front door, it will activate lighting and it will start heating the house at a previously established temperature. Further on, the audio system will switch itself on at a comfortable level, the house shutters will get down and the lighting is done differently after a preset design (for example, the lighting power wall luminaries can be lowered to 70 percent, while the terrace and the kitchen lights can be activated at maximum). In another case, a simple button from the control system application, which can be called "Movie View", will enable the home cinema system, will

decrease the ambient light in the room where you watch the film and will automatically lower the window blinds.

All these are simple examples, in which technology works almost invisible for maximum comfort of the owners. The limits of such solutions are only your imagination and budget solutions! Home systems are the first step towards a smart home.

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