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Posted by Ivacy black friday on July 20th, 2020

You haven’t taken the necessary steps to ensure online privacy through your VPN yet? Even if you stick to only the safest sites, the extra protection lasts for a very long time. Remember the free Wi-Fi you connected at a gas station? You never have to worry about connection security.

You can spend all day exploring various VPN options, or just select Ivacy VPN and spend time searching for geographically limited content.

The VPN service is only good for VPN servers and the sites it offers. Ivacy VPN scans both domains with more than 1,000 servers in more than 100 locations. Say goodbye to geographic restrictions and say hello to the streaming content you want. Not only can you block Netflix programs that are not available in your area, but a masked IP address will help block restrictions.

If you find a location where Ivacy does not have a server, you can turn off the version and protect it until you connect. Ivacy VPN even offers a target to determine the protection required. You can connect to the stream immediately, securely download, or unblock restricted content.

Ivacy was the first Split Tunneling signing service to give you full control. You can choose what data you send through your ISP and what information you protect with an anonymous VPN connection. It’s the best of both worlds without a finger.

A common complaint about VPNs is that Netflix has historically fought against their access to global content. However, Ivacy has recently formed a number of partnerships that deliver Netflix content in a number of regions.

Here are some of the regional content provided by Ivacy:

• Netflix Japan - Whiplash Stream in partnership with Ivacy.

• Netflix UK - would you like to meet my wife or contact me by name? No problem.

• Netflix France - Contratiempo and How to change the world at your fingertips.

• Germany Netflix - Türkisch für Anfänger ready to watch.

• Netflix Australia - Watch Zombieland before continuing.

• Netflix Canada - Lucky Logan, available with Ivacy.

Without Ivacy, he insists on what he usually gets in his area, but this VPN opens up a world of possibilities.

When you select a VPN, you want to Ivacy black friday know that it protects the selected devices. Ivacy VPN covers everything and then some. You can download apps for Android and iOS, plug-ins for Chrome and Firefox, and even protect your Xbox or PlayStation. With Raspberry Pi protection, you can also protect the smart devices you encode.

Ivacy black friday

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