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dark web and Deep Web - The Hidden Internet

Posted by kishan710 on July 20th, 2020

Internet is available for everybody in this world and it has become like a fundamental right of people to access internet whether in an urban or rural area. But today I am going to tell you a hidden phase of the internet you might not be aware of.

Basically, Internet is divided into 3 categories according to its awareness, and accessibility. These categories are-

1. Surface Web

2. Deep Web

3. Dark Web

Surface Web is the uppermost layer of the internet that is easily accessible by any internet user. But, it hardly covers 5 percent of the total internet of the world.

The largest portion of the internet is Deep Web. It contains those websites which are not indexed by any search engine and never appear on search result pages. It is the largest portion of the total internet. Mostly, the data stored in Deep Web is encrypted.

The innermost layer of the internet is Dark Web which is the further deeper layer of the Deep Web. We can not access the websites of Dark Web from a normal browser. It requires TOR Browser to open dark webites.

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