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How to Avoid False Alarm Triggered off by your Home Alarm Systems

Posted by advancedvision on July 20th, 2020

Out of all the perks of installing a home alarm system, there is only one glitch that everyone is concern about. And that concern is the risk of false alarm. Alarms keep your house safe, strengthen your security system. But, the false alarm is a downside of the alarm system. The most threatening factor of false alarm is that the police become casual at the time of need in this way. The installing alarm system becomes affected due to false alarming rings. Unfortunately, you are not fond of a false alarm, but still, it will happen if you don’t try to prevent it.

Well, if you try a bit harder, you can prevent the false alarm from triggering with the help of few effective preventive measures. Here’s how:

Beware of a thunderstorm:

Yes, you have heard it right! Lighting and heavy wind blow can affect the system of security alarm in your home like any other electronic appliance. It can sense the glass detector, and the false alarm hits off suddenly. To prevent false alarm, you must keep a close eye on it.

Grab knowledge about the glass break technology:

Home alarm in Perth needs to be installed for up to date security system with glass detector technology. But do you know the glass break detector is sensitive to catch false sound? Generally, the alarm triggered in certain situations like slamming the door hard, dog barking near glass break, objects falling into the floor etc. don’t forget to talk with your security surveillance installer about this sensitivity of glass break technology. Otherwise, if the false alarm continues to hit off, then the urgency of a real-time situation becomes vulnerable.

Use help of memory to remember keypad code of the alarm:

In every residential house alarm system in Perth comes with a keypad code. When you use the alarm code for the security system, it’s convenient you memorise the code. Even when visitors come and stay for a few days, tell them to write the code somewhere if they are unable to memorise. Many times, it happens that someone from your house uses the wrong code of security system and the alarm start to buzz. It is recommended your arm and disarm the alarm promptly.

Do you have a clear idea about the motion sensor?

Ac motion detector is a device or tool that catches multiple movements of the area where the alarm is installed. Sometimes, the motion detectors seem to understand the false signal. For example, movements of curtains, a pet is a movement, high-speed ceiling fans etc. This multi facilitate alarm technology fail to understand the right movement, and that leads to the sudden buzzing of the alarm. So basically, any object moving near the motion sensor can be triggering for the false alarm. It is your responsibility to keep a check on every object that has movements to reduce the chances of false alarm in your resident.

Low battery:

Surprised to hear this? Yes, this happens as well. A low battery in the security alarm system can because of the sudden triggering of false alarm.


Building a security system that is testified and proactive is necessary for any home to reduce the threats of buglers and theft. At the same time, keeping a stern eye on false alarm trigger is meaningful.

Author’s Bio: The author “Advanced Vision Security Pty Ltd” owns a security service company near Perth. The author is delivering tips on a few ways to prevent false alarm in a security alarm system.

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