Floor Sanding And Polishing- A Necessity For Wooden Floor Maintenance

Posted by johnallanes on May 15th, 2013

Floor sanding and polishing is required to keep your floors in top shape and long lasting. Floors take the maximum toil and are more prone to wear and tear. Apart from the regular wear and tear, they are also victims to different kinds of stains and spills.You can choose to do the floor sanding and polishing your self by hiring a floor sander or you can hire professionals to do it for you. You can sand your hardwood floors to remove the previous stains and scratches.

It helps to smoothen and even out the wooden floors. Even if your floor is extremely damaged you can still restore it with sanding. You can also choose to replace planks, which are damaged beyond repair before sanding your floor and floor sanding will help those planks blend in. There are two types of floor sanders; drum and orbital. Most people prefer to use drum sanders as they have a good speed and cover a lot of area. The only drawback for this is that if you do not know how to handle the drum sander it can leave ugly scratches on the floor. The orbital sander on the other hand moves in circular motions and does not cause any scratching.The only problem is that these have a very slow speed and take a very long time to complete the job. There is a difference between sanding for a new floor or old floor. New floors do not require coarse sanding, as there is no dirt and grime buildup.

They just need to be finished properly and be prepared for waxing and polishing. Old floors on the other hand would require a systematic run of the floor sander to prepare the floor for polishing. Wooden floors are a popular choice because of many reasons. They are considered to be hygienic, as they do not hide dust mites and allergens like carpets. Also cleaning a wooden floor is easier than cleaning a carpet. All you need to do is use a damp mop to wipe any spills and stains. A carpet would require multiple rounds of vacuuming to clean and remove the stains. Wooden floors are also better if you have pets. As pets shed hair, they stick to the carpet and become breeding ground for bacteria and other germs. A wooden floor does not support sticking of the pet hair. All you need to do is sweep it regularly. With regular care wooden floors outlast the life of a house in most of the cases.

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