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Posted by maryparker on May 15th, 2013

The high cost of power and water forces Laundromats and accommodation managers to find alternatives, while still offering the same quality and degree of satisfaction to customers. This means they need to rely on commercial laundry equipment that is energy efficient and that can deal with large amounts of laundry. To make the right choices, it is best to be aware of what laundry equipment manufacturers offer and where it can be bought from. If it is not possible to get the machines from the manufacturer, then there are distributors who can satisfy demands, while offering support, warranty and everything else.

The main advantage of commercial laundry equipment is that it is more durable compared to domestic washers and dryers. They are designed with heavy duty motors inside and their durability is increased. The load capacity is higher as well and the cycle times are shorter, meaning reduced waiting time and the possibility to load the laundry equipment more often. But even such equipment needs to be chosen with care, as there are different types available and one has many options at their disposal. A business must evaluate its needs and then discuss with a distributor who has been in business for a while.

What is more, great efficiency can be obtained from commercial laundry equipment, especially in daily requirements. Dryers are washers come with different capacities, but for better results and lower costs, it is best to choose the higher capacity ones. The laundry area must also be analyzed properly, to see exactly the laundry equipment needed, how many machines would fit and of what sizes. Also, it is important to note the fact that not all dryers require the needed to be connected to an outside force, as some have inside systems that collect all the water and the storage containers can then be emptied.

The available power is another consideration to keep count of. Meaning there are requirements over the power outlet as well. When it comes to washers, there are front load and top load ones and there are major differences between them. For instance, the top load washer requires more water, even though it might seem a lot more convenient to use. There are a lot of specifications and features that one must keep count of with laundry equipment and if you are not aware of them, an authorized distributor can definitely point out the features of each kind and give a realistic opinion of what you need.

The most desired commercial laundry equipment is the one with high programmability, making its use a lot simpler for everyone. One touch operations are preferable, so each person can determine the length of a cycle and keep track of how much it is going to last. This also involves high customization, such as different spin speeds, choosing the water temperature and more. The location of the supplier from where the equipment is bought is highly important, as one can require support at some point, training even as well.

There are some principals of choosing laundry equipment , such as capacity, power, productivity, costs involved, simplicity, durability and more. A  dedicated commercial laundry equipment  distributor can point out each of the key factors, so every buyer can make the right choice.

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