Why you should not use a CV template, and why custom CVs are the best

Posted by maryparker on May 17th, 2013

Many people have one CV that they print out time and again, regardless of the job or position they are going for. Others use a standard template CV that you can find on Word on any computer. This will not make you stand out from the crowd, as many others may have used the same template CV. The best way to rectify this problem is to get a custom CV written just for you.

Using a template CV is one of the worst things you can do. It can give the impression that you are lazy, you take the easy way out and that you do not give 100 per cent to everything you do. These are not attributes an employer looks for in a potential employee. Having a custom CV written and produced for you means that your CV will be unique. Your custom CV will stand out, will get you noticed and most importantly, will get you closer to your dream job.

A template CV can easily be found online by doing a simple search. Hundreds of people every day do this search, usually stopping at the links on the first page of Google and using those templates. If you want to appear to be no different to the rest of the jobseekers you are up against, then this is the option for you. But if you want to stand out, look different and really get yourself noticed, then a custom CV is the right option.

A custom CV will not only look professional, presentable and different, it does things a template CV cannot do. It can break the rules, instead of following a certain order like the template CV does. It can change things around, present your strengths and attributes in a way that shows them in the best possible light. A custom CV is produced for you and you alone. Nobody else will be able match it, because it only describes what you can do and what you have achieved.

A custom CV can be aimed at a particular industry. CV writing experts and experts in various fields of industry know what they like and need to see on a CV. Having someone like that produce a custom CV for you immediately puts you one step ahead of all the other hopefuls going for the same job as you. A template CV cannot give you this insight and this knowledge.

If you placed a template CV and a custom CV side by side, it would be blindingly obvious which one was which. You would immediately know which one had been lazily put together and which CV had time, effort and dedication spent on it. This is what happens when employers receive a batch of CVs. They could end up receiving hundreds of CVs for just one job, and when they see a number of similar CVs they are likely to just ignore them. You want yours to be the one that stands out. That CV is a custom CV.

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