Kamagra Supermarket Improves its Focus on Men?s Sexual Health by adding Eriacta

Posted by RaynaJess on May 18th, 2013

Kamagra Supermarket is pleased to include the pharmaceutical giant, Rambaxy to its list of customers. With pride as being direct suppliers from pharmaceutical manufacturers to international customers, the Kamagra Supermarket is dedicated to serve a growing ED community with their new offering, Eriacta.

The high cost of medication, especially when it comes to more specific medical issues such as erectile dysfunction, can turn off many men from the idea of assistance in solving the problem. Brand name medications such as Viagra and Ciallis, although expensive have made it a near niche market as far as the international market is concerned. Due to restrictive policies and regulations for the importing and exporting of medications, access to these brand name medications was not possible to many international customers. Rising demand for these meds brought about the availability of generic versions called Eriacta and Kamagra, which contain the same active ingredients as the brand names.

Men have been more active in their overall health needs and look for ways to better themselves as time goes on. The need for effective generic ED medication has grown as a result of that. Pharmaceutical manufacturers all over the world have been supplying some online pharmacies with some brand and generic ED medications, but Kamagra Supermarket provides a safe sourcing for top quality generic Kamagra ED medications, straight from the manufacturer, Ajanta Pharmaceutical. Now Rambaxy has been added to their roster with their ED treatment, Eriacta. Kamagra Supermarket has been the supplier of quality ED medication for over 8 years with their partnership with Ajanta Pharmaceutical.  Now welcoming Rambaxy on board, it will allow customers to purchase Eriacta easily and discreetly at Kamagra Supermarket.

Eriacta is available at around £5.99 for 4 tablets for casual use and up to £147.00 for 200 tablets for a regular daily routine. That said, it is one of the most affordable ED medications available to international customers. Users have reported fewer side effects when using either one of these generic medications when compared to their brand name counterparts. The ability to discreetly bill and ship to international customers (except Germany, Australia and the US)  makes it an attractive alternative.

An active ED community on the Kamagra Supermarket website helps to raise awareness and self esteem for both those who suffer from ED or who use Eriacta as an enhancement drug.   The Kamagra Supermarket website also provides medication fact sheets for all of their ED medications that include warnings that should be disclosed to your physician as part of any changes in medication or activity routines. Other general ED information is also available, together with blog posts from community members.

While being selective with the international pharmaceutical manufacturers who have proven quality generic Eriacta and Kamagra ED medication, Kamagra Supermarket makes it easy to give a great performance, without breaking the bank.

For trusted service and discreet delivery of ED generic drugs such as Eriacta or Kamagra, count on Kamagra Supermarket.

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