Common Misconceptions About Dan Cong

Posted by teawholesale on May 20th, 2013

Among all the rejuvenating drinks, tea is one of them hugely popular. There is an enormous variety of tea. Dan Cong is one of them. It has originated around 900 years back. There is a belief that it is a specimen of Shui Xian strain which have been selected to breed just like as the Dan Cong's tree that is a tall, straight and single trunk tree. Along with the branches it opens out like an umbrella. During the Song dynasty, Dan Cong was considered as the majestic tea.

Misconception about Dan Cong

There is misconception about Dan cong which has resulted for its unavailability in several areas. The tea is not picked from a single clone, or bush as people believe. This is a rare tea which is produced from the plant that is tall and does not grow in bushes. However, the tea is not picked from a single plant.

Qualities Of Dan Cong Tea

The dried leaves of the Dan Cong are amazingly aromatic. It resembles with the peach in flavor, which is known as longan, in China. The leaves are slightly curled and are golden brown in color. The taste of this tea is exceptionally gratifying, sweet, mild and elegant. With a reasonable price, you can start your day tasting such a magnificent tea. It will not leave any bitterness when it will be boiled in water. Due to its mild effect, during the scorching hot summer days, you can easily have this drink. It would not be only satisfactory, but also intensely satisfying. You may require very little, so it would be extremely economical.

How To Choose The Best Quality Dan Cong?

If you are eager to know more about this tea, you may join some online blogs where people of similar interest often may keep discussing on such a topic. Discussing with them, you may have a wide idea about the shops where you may find better quality Dan Cong tea, and also you can have a varying market price. It would help you to make the best deal. You may buy online. Within some working days, you may receive the product at your doorstep. To sustain in the business, most of the companies may offer quite an alluring low price, but you should make it sure whether they are compromising with the quality or not. You should be aware of those things that can make your day and mood tremendously refreshing and rejuvenating. For the delightful fruity aroma and delicate flavor make it truly unique and different from normal tea.

There are several online shops selling teas but finding quality dan Cong tea may be difficult. Choose the shop that provides teas from all parts of the world and you will get the best tea delivered at your doorstep.

About The Company:

JK Tea Co. Ltd is established by a group of tea enthusiasts & experts in Guangzhou, China, with the aim to share fine & rare Chinese tea to international tea lovers. All the teas are sourced by JK expert team via our various tea trips and guarantee the high quality. JK Tea Co. Ltd provides jasmine tea, green tea, black tea, white tea, organic tea and some tea accessories at their online store.

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