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Posted by embroideryquilter on May 20th, 2013

As I begin sorting through all of my years of accumulated quilting supplies, fabrics, books and even office supplies, I am struck by so many ideas from the past. Old notebooks contain notes of both long finished and long forgotten projects; a paper trail showing quite well the creative life of those of us who enjoy making quilts or other in-depth arts.


I had thought that I had given away most of my old magazines, but I found a small stash of them yesterday. I planned to list them on my free-cycle group and placed them in the appropriate pile. Then, I happened to glance at the front cover of one that included a fabulous quilt with quilt embroidery embellished with silk ribbon and seed beads. Something like this is beyond my level of patience, and possibly my skill, but is wonderful for inspiration. Let’s just say I lost some valuable time looking through my magazines before quietly moving them to my “keep it” pile.


Because my office and sewing room are now combined into one good sized bedroom, I must down-size the items that I keep. Free-cycle and thrifts stores have seen the results of this over the past month. A yard sale in a couple of weeks will yield even more space for me to store my remaining supplies. This feels good, but I want it all done now. I want to sew in peace and create fabulous embroidery quilting that does fit into my day and skill level. My favorite embroidery design gallery keeps me well stocked in machine embroidery quilt designs and patterns, and I want to use them now; not later.


The basement flooding in Greece took its toll on my supply of linens. Instead of four quilts that fit my queen bed, including my first one with quilt embroidery, we now only have two quilts, and neither of them are my favorite. Bright red and yellow or mellow tan and rose. The red and yellow one is actually my very least favorite, but it looks the best in our new bedroom with medium grey walls. The tan and rose quilt looks horrible. So, the quicker I can get back to sewing, the quicker I will have at least one new quilt. My goal is to create it with embroidery quilting and in colors that I love. I’m thinking purple, green and small florals. I’d love to go with pink and black, but it’s my husband’s bedroom, too!


Of course, I am happiest making quilts when the room I’m in is clean and organized at least to a dull roar. The sort piles populating the office/sewing room right now are not inspirational at all. If only I could find the discipline to make myself give up more of my books and stacks of supplies like paper, binders and folders, I’d make much better progress. Getting rid of any of my quilting supplies is even harder. I just can’t do it.


The next time my sweet husband suggests downsizing my fabric, I think I’m going to ask him to give up his music and movies. It seems like a fair trade to me!

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