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Website Penalty Recovery: Common Google Penalties

Posted by seonewindia1 on July 22nd, 2020

Google's search engine penalties were created to discourage websites from practicing deceptive and manipulative behavior. Google does this by stripping a website off its search ranking, which is the most valuable thing for any website. In short, the Google penalty is an action taken by Google that negatively affects a website's search rankings. If you see a sudden drop in the web site's traffic in a noticeably short term is when you have been penalized. There are two main penalties one can get, manual action from Google's spam team and algorithm penalty. A manual action happens when a human retriever determines that the pages on your site are not compliant with Google's guidelines. And an algorithm penalty occurs when the search engine updated and changes its algorithm.

Following are some common Google penalties and tips for Google Penalty Recovery:

Link Schemes: Link building is the most valuable SEO effort since high-quality links increase a site's rank in search engines, which increases organic traffic and conversion. However, not all site uses White hat link building techniques; some use black hat techniques to get unnatural backlinks by buying and selling links. Google refers to these techniques as a link scheme and explicitly prohibits websites from paying another website to link back to them.

Low-quality Backlinks: Low-quality backlinks can be a potential threat to your website if you have backlinks from websites that are violating Google's guidelines you will have to remove them. You should also avoid linking with websites that have duplicate contents, websites that are not relevant to your niche as Google gives a lot of value to relevancy. And having links from websites that are not related to your website can raise red flags. Also, avoid links from adult and gambling websites.

Thin Content and Scrapped Content: Backlinks from directories or social bookmarking websites are of low-quality as Google suggests it in the Panda update. Scraped contents are contents taken from another website and republished as their own without providing any additional value. To avoid a penalty, you can delete or improve the affected pages by adding more valuable information. You can identify thin content by reviewing metrics like bounce rate and time on site.

Keyword Stuffing: Keyword stuffing is one of the black-hat SEO techniques; it is when a site loads up a webpage with keywords that do not add any value to the website. Another trick is when people put up tons of content on their site, but it not readable by the users. They do this by placing hidden white text on white backgrounds or make the font 0 to trick search engines.

To recover ranking, you will have to analyze your website's backlinks and identify the ones that caused the ranking to drop. Once you identify the links, try to remove them or disown the ones that you cannot delete. You can use tools to identify the bad backlinks, and once you have identified them, request removal of the backlinks through a well-written e-mail.

The key for Website Penalty Recovery is to understand what caused the penalty, once you’ve identified the reason make sure to remove the links that are causing your rank drop.

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