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Posted by TDOTperformance on May 21st, 2013

Getting a smooth powerful ride is the dream of every driver. Now with the Superchips Cortex, it can be easily achieved because of the performance enhancing features, it has. Superchips are industry leaders with regard to designing extremely effective power programmers. Acquiring the knowledge of airflow proportioning, and timing from their experience and channelling this into their products, the name of Superchips has become synonymous to power and performance.

Importance of Superchips Cortex

The cortex is a fantastic product from the stable of Superchips, who are well known for introducing innovative products into the market. Since its introduction till date, the Superchips cortex remains unmatched in features and retains its position high above all its competitors. Maintaining exclusivity in its offer of giving a 2 year power train warranty, this Superchips cortex can also tune two vehicles belonging to the same OEM family due to the presence of the unmatched Multilink application.

The Superchips cortex performance tuners are engineered in such a way that they are able to increase horsepower and torque and also ensure a better driving experience across the entire range of RPM. The presence of a wide variety of tuners also enables one to choose one which is perfectly in sync with the kind of motor it needs to tune.

Advantages of Superchips cortex:

The advantages of Superchips cortex are so vast that it is impossible to; even comprehend what it does to the performance of a vehicle. The compatibility of this tuner with the many hard parts added to a vehicle like exhaust, cold-air-intake, air filters are added advantage. Other advantages include

• The ability to adjust speed of the rev limiter,

• Multi-VIN capable tuning

Ability to turn the fan temperature on or off with the help of its electronic fan control

• The presence of the standard diagnostic codes across all vehicles.

Superchips do not limit it to making generic products. In fact, it is also known to make specific tuners compatible with exclusive hard parts of a vehicle. This helps it to service a wide range of vehicles across all manufacturers.

Committed to their promise of giving the best driving experience, the Superchips cortex does not disappoint its customers. In fact, its incredible performance goes beyond their expectations, and this is what makes Superchips Cortex, a winner. You can purchase the superchips cortex from the online stores and save a lot of money on the purchase. Purchase from an authentic website and check out their delivery options.

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