First Battlefield 4 DLC revealed as a pre-order incentive

Posted by e280668993 on May 22nd, 2013

Could Battlefield 4 get any more human, dramatic, or believable than it Archeage client download did by using “Total Eclipse of the Heart” in a gameplay trailer? I know, I didn’t think so either—but they’ve done it again! EA is getting in touch with our soft sides by appealing to our heartrending desire to own all of the DLC, and they’re doing it by offering the first for free. Provided you pre-order, that is.

Little’s been revealed of the first “sprawling” DLC, China Rising, which is set across four multiplayer maps on the Chinese mainland and offers new vehicles and high-tech military equipment. When pre-ordering Battlefield 4 over at the website, though, you’ll receive China Rising for “no additional cost” on top of the base game’s $70.

Meanwhile, if you order the Digital Deluxe edition through Origin, you get some bonus unspecified in-game digital items and access to the multiplayer beta in addition to the base game and first DLC.

Details probably seem a little scant because of Battlefield 4 being on that Xbox thing, but we’ll dig up more info for you soon.
source: pcgamer

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