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Posted by expeedtech on May 22nd, 2013

Virtual Private Servers are the logical step up from shared web hosting accounts for most customers at a time when they begin to outgrow the resources allocated to them in a shared hosting environment, or start to need functionality that shared web hosting cannot provide. In other situations, a customer’s initial requirement for whatever reason is that they have their own server; either way, a customer would normally be provided with a bare bones Virtual Private Server, the administrative log in credentials and are expected to figure everything out for themselves. To many people – especially those for whom website hosting is not even close to their main line of business – this is a very daunting prospect as they are removed from the position of being guided through making changes and safeguarded against making the wrong change, to a position whereby everything they do can potentially have dramatic and unexpected consequences. It is precisely this situation that our Ultimate Virtual Private Server product solves.

Customers can often be left high and dry facing problems with things like DNS hosting, e-mail accounts and databases which are all normally included with a shared hosting packages, but for a Virtual Private Sever package, normally the customer is expected to source their own solution to these requirement. With our Ultimate Virtual Private Sever packages however, all of these services are included, and with generous resource allocations. As with our shared web hosting, our Ultimate Virtual Private Server packages make all of these functions - as well as the ability to manage domain names and websites located on the server – available through our control panel software. In this way, a customer can have the best of both world with the isolation and additional resources that a Virtual Private Server affords them, but without the need to have in-house technical support to maintain it, but instead, maintain it themselves through the friendly, easy-to-use and familiar control panel.

Customers can of course still access the server directly to modify it as required.

Besides the ease of use and the provision of the essential DNS and e-mail services provided by our Ultimate Virtual Private Server products, customers are also able to use a number of SQL Server and/or MySQL databases. This removes the need for the customer to source their own database resources and licences by instead using our shared database servers. Customer can still, should they choose to, install databases locally on their server, but doing so can eat into their drive space allocation which may be better used for other purposes.

Ultimate Virtual Private Server packages, like all of the other products available from Expeed are able to be purchased in various sizes and are easily upgradable without penalty, allowing them to grow with the customer’s own business.

Author Bio : Michael Collins is a Manager at Expeed Technology. He is vastly experienced in ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Web Hosting, SQL Server, Azure. His company Expeed Technology is a provider of premium Australian Web Hosting Services focusing on Microsoft technologies. They provide- web hosting, email hosting, virtual servers, hosted Exchange and hosted SharePoint.

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