Know About The Benefits Of Adoption During Unplanned Pregnancy

Posted by provplace on May 22nd, 2013

Unplanned Pregnancy and Options for Birth Mothers

The birth mother has an incredibly significant responsibility, not only to her health and well-being, but to the health and happiness of the child. Perhaps she is conflicted on the means of providing for a child or perhaps she does not have the proper support to tend to a child’s needs properly at that time in her life. Having a child, despite the age or background of the woman, is a life-changing opportunity.

Between the expenses, it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the birth mom during the maternity experience and the overall emotional and physical changes during pregnancy, the process can be overwhelming for a woman. Teens or young women with very little independent life experience may find an unexpected pregnancy especially overwhelming and feel desperate to seek some guidance.

There are birth mother services available, including prospective adoptive couples who have the means to provide birth mother services and support, so that the well-being of the child is a primary focus for the pregnant woman. A birth mom considering adoption should understand a few things if she is debating whether or not to find a supportive, adoptive couple for the child.

Factors & Benefits of Adoption

Ultimately, it is up to the birth mother to decide the path that the child will follow. If she has the means to provide and care for the child with ample resources, then adoption would be a secondary consideration. However, if there is a sense of doubt or concern about supporting the child that arises during the pregnancy, she should certainly consider adoption services as a possible avenue of providing security and ideal happiness for the child.

While most every birth mom, even ones who are convinced that the adoption service is right for them and their child, has a connection with their child since conception, there are still a variety of means and resources for the birth mom. Once she decides on adoption for the child, the adoptive couple or adoptive family can make arrangements to tend to the needs of the birth mother. The prospective adoptive couple might compensate for any medical expenses or check-ups for the birth mother and her child, or arrange for quality medical care during the maternity period and post-partum. These arrangements can vary with agreements made in each unique adoption relationship. Some local organizations, like Providence Place, play a part in organizing living space and maternity care.

Birth Mother Services & Rights

After the child is delivered and the birth mother transitions the baby to the adopting family, some women are concerned with the extent of their relationship with their adopted child.

A birth mother has the right to determine the course and her affect on the child’s life. However, it is ultimately a decision between the adoptive couple and birth mom to determine the extent of her interaction with the adopted child, and those desires are usually discussed during the adoption selection process.

Though adoption will legally terminate the birth mother’s guardianship of the child, each adoption family and birth mother will personally discuss their desires and situations, and decide on arrangements that best fit them and the child.

Thankfully, through Action Adoption at Providence Place services are no cost to the birth parent, regardless of what the details in your final decision may be. The official final decision is made 48 hours after the baby is born. During that important time, we will help you to review your choices again. We want to make sure you make the best choice you can for you and for your child. Contact us today to learn more about our services for birth mothers by calling or visiting our website at

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