A blooming tea in a glass teapot is a perfect choice for a perfect moment

Posted by juliabennet on May 22nd, 2013

The imagination of Chinese people has definitely no limits, considering the manual work they performed on teas. Blooming tea represents dried flower petals that are linked under the form of a bulb with a thread. It is handmade from the finest white tea leaves grown in high altitude regions of Hunan Province in Southern China. This area is renowned for its clean environment, where tea is grown under strict conditions, without the use of harmful chemicals: this is where some of the most popular teas in the world are produced. Tea bulbs that blossom represent the culmination of 5,000 years of Chinese tea culture. Who else, if not the Chinese, would have the patience to combine flavours and sew white tea leaves with cotton thread by hand? The result is impressive.

Blooming tea may be found under different names, such as "flowering tea", "art tea", "hand tied tea" and others. All of these names are used to describe what is referred to in China as "Gongyi Hua Cha", literally "Art Flower Tea". This art of blooming teas has a history going back hundreds of years, and people assume that it exists since the Ming Dynasty.

The aroma is strong and the visual effect is impressive too. Each flower is made of dried tea flower petals of different harmonics, tied together through a very minute manual process. Immediately after it is placed in a glass teapot with hot water, the bulb blooms unveiling petals of grand flowers; this is the impressive blooming flower. A fairy tale tea, a magnificent show full of light and intensity, directed individually to delight both body and soul.

It's a wonderful spectacle to see how a few leaves gradually open and bloom into an interesting shape. As a way of preparation, it is recommended that about 300-350 ml of water should be used for a ball of tea, the water temperature should be of 85 degrees and the brew time should be of 3 minutes. Another important piece of information is that teapots should have the proper temperature by rinsing with hot water, which is very important, especially for low temperature teas like white tea.

To enjoy the full visual spectacle it is best to use a glass teapot. This way you can enjoy a perfect moment watching the evolution of the flower in the cup of tea. At the same time, the idea of selling blooming teas along with a glass teapot in gift boxes is certainly a modern one. This combines the delight of several senses: taste, smell and sight. Here's a unique gift of exquisite simplicity, a great show that will dazzle and delight! A gift of great intrinsic value, addressed to both ladies and gentlemen, for the flourishing moments shared with the loved ones.

Enjoy your moment of silence, of pampering and of wellness a blooming tea in a glass teapot offers. The leaves can be infused twice more as the taste starts to fade only after three infusions.

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