Drink white tea, the exotic tea UK loves, and experience its wonderful benefits

Posted by juliabennet on May 22nd, 2013

An old Chinese proverb says that a cup of tea, if drunk daily, can keep anyone away from the pharmacy, making the doctors starve. The truth is, thanks to the beneficial properties of tea, some nations have developed a true culture of tea: according to them, that drink is not just a product, but part of rituals / traditions that are still followed, even if they have a history of hundreds or even thousands of years. We recall here the famous ritual of tea in Japan, and the notion of five o'clock, the classic time that this drink is served in the UK. If you want to experience all kinds of rare tea UK is the place to go.

Tea plant and its cultivation, although known for thousands of years, reports in China around 350 BC. Inexhaustible resource of poetry and inspiration, herb tea has been used in Asian lands more for curative purposes than as a drink. Tea was known and used in the treatment of various diseases, especially for detoxification, relaxation, digestion, treating migraines, but also used as a way of spirit in Buddhism.

The most precious exotic tea UK offers is white tea. Few people are aware that white tea offers more benefits to our health than other teas, such as green tea. White tea comes from the leaves of the plant Camellia Sinensis. These leaves are harvested when they are still very young, in the form of buds covered with a fine downy white to silver, hence the name of the tea. The white tea of the highest quality is the one hand picked in spring, from late March until late April. The leaves and buds of Camellia Sinensis are dried with air, without making the leaves go through the process of fermentation, as it happens with black tea.

Because processing of leaves is minimal, white tea retains the highest amount of antioxidants that are naturally in the leaves. White tea is a rare tea UK provides it residents and can be much more expensive than green or black tea. White tea of the highest quality, called "Silver Needle", exclusively contains only buds of Camellia Sinensis, without them being open or affected in any way.

Our modern way of life exposes us to enormous amounts of free radicals, because of pollution, stress, smoking and unhealthy junk food. Free radicals can be harmful to the body and can also accelerate the aging process, assaulting tissues and eventually organs. Having such a stressful pace of life, anyone can experience high blood pressure, which can lead to serious problems such as heart attack or cardiovascular disease. Moreover, scientific studies have shown that this exotic tea UK people drink can thin the blood which may be thickened due to high cholesterol or high number of free radicals. Another benefit of white tea is its ability to kill bacteria and germs in the mouth, thus preventing various diseases of the teeth and gums; regular consumption of white tea will strengthen bones, preventing osteoporosis and helps the body fight cancer, diabetes or liver disease.

Traditionally, white tea is prepared in England in a teapot that was placed in hot water beforehand. One teaspoon of dried herb per cup of water and one tablespoon extra ("for the teapot") are then added. This is the way you can obtain a rare tea UK or even an exotic tea UK.

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