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Posted by juliabennet on May 22nd, 2013

We all like to experience new tastes, flavours and sensations. A teahouse is the perfect place where people share their passion for tea. Tea, by definition, is a noble drink, which is why you need to make sure of the quality of varieties that have to be chosen carefully to satisfy even the most diverse preferences. The best online tea company aims to meet the most demanding appetites, from classic Chinese teas to South African red tea and Darjeeling and Ceylon teas.

The best online tea company only sells the highest quality tea. Why is that? They choose the best tea for many reasons, but most of them finally get to refer to quality. Although bulk leaf tea and tea bags (especially those sold in supermarkets) come from the same plant, there are several factors that influence the quality, taste and longevity of the finished product. People love to buy tea online UK and that is why online stores bring only the finest quality teas possible.

A box of tea bags from the supermarket contains very often a mixture of teas coming from multiple sources, not pure tea which tastes the same every time. Good tea is always made with large leaves and the quality can be seen easily when you prepare a cup of tea. Buy tea online UK and try one of the green teas or other teas and you will probably never come back to tea bags again. Bulk tea offers the opportunity to make countless combinations directly in the cup, thus obtaining new flavours. In online tea stores you can find a variety of delicious flavours of teas.

After tea leaves are picked, while they are still fresh, they are sewn with cotton thread, along with various flowers in different forms and bouquets (tea leaves can be flavoured with jasmine buds before being tied, to enhance the flower flavour). Some forms take only a minute to sew, while others, more elaborate, containing lilies, chrysanthemums and smanthus flowers, take even 12 minutes for each piece. The leaves and flowers go through the normal process of drying and roasting. They need boiling water to loosen, and also space and a transparent container, to enjoy the spectacle of each unique "flower tea". Buy tea online UK if you want to enjoy such a beautiful experience.

Green tea is the most popular type of tea in East Asia. And for the past few years, this "green pleasure" has increased in popularity in European countries. Whether green, white or black, the leaves used in these teas come from the same plant. The difference lies in how the leaves are processed. For green tea, with a delicious taste and a slightly stimulant effect, freshly picked leaves are lightly steamed. This process closes the pores of cells and thus sap remains in the leaf. Unlike black tea, the fermentation process is almost completely suppressed.

Whenever you want to buy tea online UK, make sure you choose the best online tea company so that you can enjoy the benefits of a nice cup of tea.

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