What are the uses of porcelain veneers Austin?

Posted by RaynaJess on May 22nd, 2013

Porcelain veneers Austin are mostly used for cosmetic purposes. To put in simple words what a veneer is – it is a paper thin material placed over the tooth to improve the aesthetics of the tooth. Invented by Charles Pincus in California veneers have come through the ages as one of the most preferred covers for teeth. Any Austin dentist today would be able to attach veneers to teeth either to change the color of the teeth or hide some deformity in the teeth.

There are times when our teeth get broken or chipped or cracked. The reasons could be many and the resultant deformities could be many. The end result is that many of us look hideous when our teeth are broken or chipped or cracked. Thanks to porcelain veneers Austin there is no need to extract such a tooth and go through the entire painful experience that is associated with it. For a professional Austin dentist attaching a veneer to a tooth is as simple as attaching a chewing gum to a tooth surface. There are some simple procedures to follow and the job can be done in no time.

To attach porcelain veneers Austin an Austin dentist will first scrape off some enamel from your tooth surface. The width of the enamel scraped off could be only as much as half a millimeter. However, before this procedure is undertaken the dentist will do a diagnosis to ensure that your tooth is fit to go through the scraping of the enamel. During this scraping off process local anesthetic will be used.

After the enamel is gone an impression of the tooth surface will be taken and a model will be created. This model will be sent to a dental laboratory to make the veneer. The time taken for this process is about a couple of weeks. During this time a temporary veneer may be attached to your tooth if the sight is a little too much to take. Once the veneer is made and sent back to your dentist it will then be attached to your tooth surface using a cementing material. During the process your Austin dentist may trim the veneer to ensure that the fit is right. Your tooth will also be brushed, etched and polished so that the desired roughness for attaching the veneer is achieved.

People that go through attachments of porcelain veneers Austin don’t take much time to heal. You will need to follow directions from your dentist in Austin to ensure that the veneer doesn’t come off. And once it is in place you can get back to smiling like you always did. A well attached veneer can last for five to ten years if you take proper care.

Using porcelain veneers Austin is very easy and very convenient and this is why they are often used where one can do without crowns. Any Austin dentist will know about veneers and they should be able to attach them to your teeth with total perfection.

To get porcelain veneers Austin placed perfectly on their teeth patients need to visit a professional Austin dentist.

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