What made Bresaola so very famous???

Posted by maryparker on May 22nd, 2013

“If God did not intend for us to eat animals, then why did he make them out of meat?”...was an important question that sent quite a few nature lovers into reclusive philosophical mode. But few questions do not actually have an answer. It is really difficult not to fall in love with the magic of an item drizzled with olive oil; seasoned with the richness of the junipers- this is nothing but Bresaola at its best. I must tell you if you have not tried it yet, you should, as soon as possible.

If you ever thought this item was the same as the salami, I should correct you - it's made from a single muscle of beef, preferably the hind legs. However the process of salting it and drying it are quite the same. But the advantage is even if you are repelled by the bloom of mould on the outside, you can be rest assured the bacterial growth has not reached its core as it is impossible for the air to penetrate that deep. Otherwise the meat tends to get stiff in lumps as the moisture fails to escape in presence of stagnant air. Even if you encounter the chalk-white bloom on the surface or any spots of slimy black mould it is not the sign of the meat going bad…it is basically healthy as long as you are able to clear them off with some vinegar or limejuice. However it is imperative that you have a moderate control over your olfactory senses. Trust me your nose is your best guide to detect putrescence.

Bresaola is generally prepared from the top of the leg which is thoroughly defatted to get rid of the surface fat and the silver skin. The next step is to coat it with copious amounts of a mixture which is carefully made from coarse salt, sugar, black pepper and Prague powder. Essentially it also contains rosemary and juniper for aromatics. At times people also use nutmeg or cinnamon to alter the aroma and modify the taste. The meat is then left to be marinated under careful daily observation. The coating is cleansed after every month and a similar mixture is applied iteratively until the chunk weighs only 30 to 40% of its initial weight.

The meat chunk is finally cleaned with muslin and is chopped into smaller pieces. It is not however mindless butchery in its full glory, the meat is prepared with three cuts. The lower down cuts, named magatello and sotto feso are more salty and chewy. But punta d’anca is the tenderest one and is fabled as the salmon cut or the eye of the silverside cut. It is obviously more popular than the rest and exported the most. The smaller pieces seasoned with cloves, bay and garlic are then sliced paper thin and served with balsamic vinegar or olive oil.

The splendor of bresaola is that it serves as both an appetizer and an occasional side dish if served chilled with black pepper, rocket salad or fresh Parmesan cheese. Care has to be taken however that it is stored in chilled environments or refrigerators prior to its use. If you want to savour the flavor of the meat unspoiled you can drizzle it with olive oil and serve it in sandwiches. The health concern for those who raise their eyebrows for cholesterol and aft contents is nullified…this is one thing you can relish without a worry.

Preparing bresaola is perhaps one of the prized achievements of charcuterie and every step that one takes in the process of making it is worth it when a satisfied gourmand expresses his hearty appreciation for the taste of the meaty delicacy. Bresaola has indeed transcended the boundaries of Italy and has made a spot amongst the most coveted meat items all around the globe.

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