Agenter, India’s first commission based online business network providing great

Posted by News on July 22nd, 2020

Agenter, a self-funded startup based in Kochi has recently launched, India's first professional commission business network platform. 

"Agenter has been launched with an aim to bring together companies of all sizes, business, and individuals to a common platform so that they can work together for mutual success. Our goal is to support innovation," says CEO Siyad Mangalasseri.

Agenter now has more than 100000 plus members. Agenter allows its members to earn income on business opportunities. For businesses and startups, Agenter is a platform to build the business, hire talent and increase their professional network. 

Agenter is a unique concept wherein a Business can decide a fixed or sales-based commission for its products and services. Individuals, on the other hand, can act as the company's marketing team and avail the commission offers that these various businesses are providing. When you're satisfied with the reliability of the individual profiles, you can start accepting business referrals based on the agreed terms and commissions.

"It's a win-win for both parties. Businesses are able to make more connections with individuals interested in their industries. Individuals get an ideal opportunity to promote various products and services and make the best commissions on the conversion. This promotes the implementation of collaborative projects." says COO Fasilramsan.

In present times where businesses are looking at remote location working and cost-reduction, Agenter provides an ideal solution for expanding one's reach in a particular industry. Business Leaders can register and create their profile, offering commissions of conversions. They don't need to entirely depend on their sales and marketing team to do the conversions for them. 

Agenter enables individuals to expand their professional and financial avenues by providing them multiple income stream opportunities. In today's time, with layoffs and cost-cutting happening, everywhere Agenter is a good option for professionals who want to market more than one product to their business and social community.

"Many of us are capable of handling and promoting multiple products and services to our clients, neighbors, friends and our networks. Agenter is an ideal platform for marketing, sales, IT, and other professionals to register and start earning additional income.", says CTO Abdullah.

Agenter is a professional networking platform that allows entrepreneurs and SMEs to expand their business network while increasing their volume of transactions through expert recommendations. Agenter also offers useful articles and tips that help individuals become seasoned networkers and achieve success among highly motivated business people.

"The success of Agenter and its members is based on integrity, honesty, commitment, and innovation.", says CEO Siyad Mangalasseri.

Founded in 2019, this startup is now a 20 member team comprising of young and experienced IT engineers, marketing, HR, and Financial professionals. Encouraged by the positive response from the members, Agenter is planning to add more networking features to its growing platform. 


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