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Posted by RaynaJess on May 22nd, 2013

If you are one of those that are mortally scared of visiting a dentist then I fully empathize with you. Even I used to be scared of my dental visits, so much so that I skipped the visits as much as I could. However, my fears have been allayed recently thanks to a fantastic Round Rock dentist that I’ve visiting lately. The gentleman that I visit is truly professional but he has got that human touch that so lacks in so many other dentists. If you ever need Austin dental implants then this is the dentist I would always recommend.

On the surface Austin dental implants don’t seem very comfortable. Indeed there some pain a patient has to go through. It is the expertise of the Round Rock dentist that makes the process less painful. Dental procedures are almost always painful because the entire inside of the mouth and the gums have lots of nerve endings and hence the entire area is very sensitive to even the slightest of pains. But an expert dentist can use the latest technology to ensure that the pain is bearable.

Before Austin dental implants are put inside the mouth a thorough diagnosis is done. Very often patients with high diabetes are told not to go through the procedure until their blood sugar level comes down to a certain level. When the Round Rock dentist feels that the time is right for the implant surgery the procedure is started.

Mostly local anesthesia is used for Austin dental implants. Once the area is numb a hole is drilled into the jawbone. Extreme care is taken through this drilling process so that the area around the affected area is not impacted. Dentists also constantly cool the area with water sprays so that the temperature remains below 117° F. The hole is gradually widened using progressively wider drills. Once the hole is big enough a titanium implant is planted in it. Now it is allowed to heal. Once the healing is done the next step is started.

In the second step the gum over the implant is opened up and an abutment is placed over the implant. The upper portion of the abutment is kept above the line of the gum and the gum gradually heals and settles around it. Once the gum is healed a prosthetic tooth is implanted on the abutment. Farther healing happens till the time the prosthetic tooth is perfectly implanted.

The biggest advantage of implants is that they are permanent. There is no need to take out the prosthetic tooth as people using dentures would normally do. As many implants as required can be placed and the prosthetic teeth look absolutely natural. Since the implants don’t cover the palate there is no difficulty in tasting food too.

If you want the best experience of Austin dental implants there is no better option than to visit the experienced Round Rock dentist. You will be in good hands and once the healing is complete you can lead a normal life.

Go to a Round Rock dentist for professionally done Austin dental implants.

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