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Tips from Saint John RTF Grass Providers

Posted by dayalrawat50 on May 23rd, 2013

Having planted grass for your lawn that grows green all through the year, the next biggest  question that comes to your mind is how do I retain the health and grow the of the grasses in the future? The question is simple but the answer can be a little tough as lawns require a lot of maintenance and care. In these days wherein water has become a commodity and people tend to face dearth of it, one cannot afford to spend large amounts of it on the lawn. However, there are many Saint John RTF providers who deal with a variety of grass which, requires lesser water and thus lesser care to grow into  the desired length.

Tips galore:

While we all want to make our lawn remain healthy and green there are times when even the slightest of negligence can spoil out lawn. Here are a few tips from the Saint John RTF providers that you can follow in order to make sure that your lawn is perfect.

Make sure that the top soil has a healthy balance of sand, clay particles and silt in order to let the water and the roots penetrate the soil deep enough. The soil is generally porous and is rich in terms of nutrients. However, if you are not sure of the quality a simple lab test can clear the doubts.

According to many Saint John RTF providers, the roots of the RTF grass can penetrate upto 4-6 feet in search of water or nutrients. However, 5-6 inches of good quality top soil is sufficient in order to make sure that the RTF variety of the grass grows well.

In terms of addition of nutrients to the soil, 5-6 kgs of 20-10-5 50%SCU per 1,500 square feet of lawn is adequate two to three times a year. Since RTF variety of grasses do not require much water or nutrients therefore the number of times of administrations of the nutrients is alright.

The above-mentioned tips will ensure that you get a green fuller lawn with a sturdy grass, which does not even require much water or weeding. The RTF grass is one of the best varieties of grasses, available in the market in the present times. This is a fact that is known among all the Saint John RTF providers and therefore they vouch for the effectiveness of the variety in terms of both growth and color of the grass.

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