Three Tips to Create Best Video Resume

Posted by jobma12 on May 23rd, 2013

Video resumes are short 30 second to 2 minute video clips created by job seekers to delineate their talents in their own words. The platform is growing in popularity, and though some may say it is important to make sure that one has a video resume posted, it is more important to make sure it is the best video resume possible. Here are some key video resume tips:

1. Video Basics:
Video resumes must be produced in such a way that the candidate is well lit, easily understood, and in focus.  If a hiring manager cannot see or understand the subject, the entire purpose behind the video resume is shot, as is the job seekers credibility. If quality is not a factor in promoting themselves, how can it be a factor in their work?

2. Appearance:
Anything less than professional attire is unacceptable. Humans are visual creatures, and a first impression is based not only on what it said, but also how one looks. If the outfit is not appropriate for an interview it is not appropriate for a video resume.

3. Content:
A video resume is not the place to read a traditional resume in front of a camera. Video resumes present the opportunity to divulge one’s personality and soft skills beyond what a paper resume can offer. Going over a brief summary of the responsibilities at a previous position along with the results cultivates shows what a candidate can do. Delineating goals and a statement on how those goals will be achieved expresses depth and drive. A video resume is a snapshot of who a candidate is, and why a hiring manager should call them in for an interview. The trick is to give just enough information – not ten seconds worth, or ten minutes worth.

Making a video resume is simple; they can be recorded on smartphones, laptops, digital cameras, camcorders and the like. There are also several video resume websites on which you can record, upload, and share your profile and video resume. A prime example of these websites is Jobma emphasizes the importance of the video resume, and the ability to share it with all other job search platforms. The site offers on-site video recording as well as video uploading along with a plethora of video resume tips. Using sites like Jobma, job seekers are able to make the best video resume possible and create priceless differentiation in their job search.

The author of this article Hannah Scherrer is associated with Jobma. Jobma allows job seekers to enhance their capability to reach employers in an exclusive and significant fashion, create video resumes by using Jobma resources and get your dream job.

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