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Why Opt For Professional Teeth Whitening Over At-Home Products?

Posted by Lucypetterson on July 22nd, 2020

Teeth are the center of many interactions that we do each day. They are the hallmark of an attractive smile. However, sometimes with the age or because of the food that we eat, our teeth brightness get dim and become dingy yellow. In such a case if you visit a dentist south east London and undergo teeth whitening treatment then you can restore your pearly white teeth again.

Treatment of teeth whitening south east London can put the dazzle back both in your smile and confidence. Hence, you should opt for it. Now, you might be thinking about a DIY approach. Of course, you might do it for yourself. Today, in a market there are lots of home teeth whitening options available that are safe and effective to use. Then, why you should opt for professional teeth whitening treatment over a take-home kit?

Read on to find out the reasons.

1)    It is Faster Option

If you want to whiten your teeth before a big event like your marriage or presentation – you should choose professional teeth whitening treatment. The reason behind it is you will observe results almost after your appointment and most patients need only a single 1-hour session. This is much more efficient than home-kit as this kind of DIY home kits contain a lower concentration of peroxide and typically take numerous applications to see any difference.

2)    Professional Teeth Whitening is Safe

When you go to a professional dentist south east London, you will receive the dental care of highly trained professionals who have a better understanding of tools and techniques. They will be able to make you understand the risks that are associated with the overuse of take-home kits. Opting for a professional for your teeth whitening treatment means the products being used are completely safe. They make sure that only the safest chemicals are used to whiten your teeth.

3)    It Provides You With Dramatic Results

Visiting a teeth whitening dentist can provide you with much better results than that of store-bought products. Because when you go for professional teeth whitening treatments, it is controlled by a dentist and the results are quite effective. A dental professional can lighten your teeth up to 10 shades. You will even enjoy the result for a longer time. This you will not be able to achieve even after repeated at-home whitening treatments. In short, a professional tooth whitening treatment is an investment and the results speak for themselves.  

4)    No Odds

When you go for a professional teeth whitening you have to face no odds. Only a dentist has access to all your teeth, with all the right equipment, and ingredients. When you opt for at-home treatment, the product may not make contact with all the teeth and resulting in uneven.  A dentist cleans your teeth professionally and can correct all types of discoloration including that due to injury and medications. That is not the case with the store-bought products.

5)    Professional Whitening Treatments are Customized

No two patients have the same smile which means each patient should receive customized whitening treatments. When you opt for at-home whitening kits, they treat all your teeth equally whereas, with professional treatments, you can receive personalized treatment to achieve your best possible smile.

In Conclusion

Nowadays, there is a vast range of teeth whitening products available on the market that promises to offer you pearly white teeth. However, as there are countless options, it is necessary that you find the best one that does not have chemicals in it and best fits you. In this, visiting dentist south east London can help you. They can also effectively brighten up your less than pearly whites. So, consider the above-discussed reasons to opt for professional teeth whitening south east London.

If you want to effectively make your teeth brighter, lighter, and whiter and have questions regarding why visiting a dental professional is best then schedule an appointment with The Mindful Dentist -  https://www.mindfuldentist.london/. They are well-known for providing first-class personalized dental care.

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