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Instant Keto now placing the left hand just out to

Posted by kahsagffzsf on July 22nd, 2020

Instant Keto now placing the left hand just out to the side of us reaching that right arm up nice and tall and sliding out on that exhale again keeping that belly pulled in I'm not fussed over here I'm really trying to lengthen my spine still keeping that right hip grounded even if you're just here slightly to the side that's great just keep working at it and you'll get deeper and deeper and then now if we want to take this to the next level we can start our pulses exhaling to reach out inhaling to sit up can even take that arm behind the back or use it to help you Yoga is all about finding what is right for you no two people are the same I'm not your learning curve and on your next inhale coming up to seated we're now going to tuck that left foot I'm sorry right foot by our hip left foot comes over by the knee again you can take whatever variation works for you but we're pulling in that bellies zipping it up and taking that left arm behind our back and reaching over keeping the spine nice and long [Music] and inhale coming back to Center okay so next what

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