Spirituality Information - Journey In The Fields Of Forever ( Part 82 )

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

As casually as you please, Gideon took the pouch and without even opening it said, ?Oh, the Ambrose Stone. Don?t tell me the Boatman of Pondicherry was here.? His voice was so matter-of-fact, as if this sort of thing happened everyday. I glanced at Marla hoping she would say something to sustain my enthusiasm, but she seemed even less amused by my news.

?That?s right, Gideon,? she said, ?don?t you remember Boatman saying something about giving the Ambrose Stone to John? But that was quite a while back.?

?Ah, now I remember,? replied Gideon, turning to me,?of course, John, the Ambrose Stone. You?ve wanted to have it since you were a little boy. How could I have forgotten? You thought it would perform miracles for you. You know, John,? he said wistfully, ?I think you might still believe the Ambrose Stone is a magic genie.?

?Well, isn?t it? Isn?t that why this stone is legendary?? I asked some what disappointed by their lack of appreciation.

?Oh John,? Marla replied,?don?t you know by now that the magic is not in the stone? It?s not in the sky,the water or the trees. The magic is in you.It?s been there all along. This stone or crystals,icons, crosses, beads,rabbits?foot and all other symbols are just that ? symbols of something else, something far superior. The magic of the Ambrose Stone is only a reflection, and a poor one at that, of the true magic of your being.?

My spirit fell. After all these years, I now had possession of the magical stone only to discover that there was no magic in the stone after all. Was my father deceived by the stories he had heard? Was the old man who lived by the river just a tale repeated by parents to enchant little children? And yet, it seemed that Gideon knew the Boatman, or else knew of him. Were there no mysteries left in the universe, no magic after all? My facial expression changed, sinking to an image of dejection. Pandayji patted me on the shoulder and said, ?I, too, have heard stories of this stone. Perhaps, they were only legends, but I have heard that myths and legends have their origins in some form of truth. Who knows, John, maybe the legends were just over-exaggerated.?

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