Wasserstrahlschneiden advantages

Posted by adairsawyer on May 24th, 2013

With a wasserstrahlschneider or waterjet cutter, people can cut through many types of materials and objects. When it comes to wasserstrahlschneiden, no material is too soft or too rough. A waterjet cutter can be used for cutting rubber, metal, stone, granite, and even food. Although the waterjet cutting technology is used more in the medical and engineering fields, over the past few years, it has gained a lot of appreciation in relation to cutting various foods, for a better presentation. With a knife or other tool used in a restaurant kitchen, parts of the food may be lost, due to the blade of those tools, but with a waterjet cutter, the cutting accuracy is much higher, thus the food loss is lower, almost insignificant.

Another advantage of the wasserstrahlschneider is the possibility of creating impressive works of art, simply by transmitting instructions from a computer running a CAD software to the waterjet cutting machine. Once the instructions are sent to the device, it starts to cut through the workpiece exactly as it was instructed. Using wasserstrahlschneiden is more cost-effective than using other cutting methods and also offers much more accuracy. In addition to obtaining works of art, such as butterflies carved in metal, faces of your friends and family sculpted in stone, or abstract designs graved in marble, one can also use a waterjet cutting device in the automotive industry, medical field, or in constructions.

Waterjet cutting allows people to cut large or small workpieces only with the help of a waterjet cutter and computer-aided design software. Luckily, in the case of waterjet cutting machines, besides the instructions for cutting a specific model through the workpiece, the waterjet cutting device also receives information on when to stop. With a jigsaw, for example, this is not possible, since the model cut through the workpiece is 100% achieved by human hands, not by machine. A waterjet cutting machine knows precisely when to start, when to stop, and when to start again, in order to obtain the design that was transmitted to it by means of electronic information. Because no direct human intervention is required, waterjet cutting devices are very safe for operators, who only need to press a few buttons to control the machine.

Even if waterjet cutting is safe for people, they should still wear a specific gear to protect their hearing and sight. And the best equipment that can be used in this situation is a helmet with visor, that protects both the ears and eyes of those near the waterjet cutter. The helmet protects operators from accidental contacts with tiny pieces of the material that is being cut. To work at its maximum, a waterjet cutter needs to be properly used and maintained. Before operating a waterjet cutting machine, always read the technical manual and the recommendations issued by its manufacturer. A fault in using or maintaining the device as instructed by the manufacturer can lead to warranty loss and injuries, so to make sure that you will be able to use the device for many years, and avoid losing its warranty or hurting yourself, always read the manual and list of instructions provided by its maker.

Wasserstrahlschneiden is an environmentally friendly way of cutting through various materials, with the help of a wasserstrahlschneider that uses a very high-pressure jet of water to carve, sculpt, or engrave materials. If this sounds interesting to you, contact Innomax AG Deutschland to purchase high-quality waterjet cutting machines.

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