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Posted by DedeHallett on May 24th, 2013

After a visit to the machine doctor, my embroidery machine is back home and purring again! This has been wonderful, but now my people doctor has told me that I cannot play with her for a while. I’m totally healthy and yet, from time to time, I’m ordered to bed for a week or two to rest. This to me is worse than any punishment, because I like to be busy. I keep handwork projects aside for these times.

While I can indulge in crochet or cross-stitch to the fullest during these times, I’d much rather be creating fantastic projects with machine embroidery designs than taking up a project that I only work on when I have to rest. As well as my embroidery, my gardens are calling me! Lemons, blackberries, plums and persimmons are showing their faces to the world and the flowers are blooming. Luckily, my bed rest can take place on a lounge in the back yard, visited by my fur babies and a couple of neighborhood cats that come by daily for some love!

A few years ago, these rest periods were unbearable because I would be without a computer. Now, with my laptop, Smartphone and tablet, I am connected no matter what. This is one thing I love about new technology! And, because the hand-work becomes tiresome, I find myself spending time organizing my numerous embroidery patterns and designs so that my computer is an easy to navigate library. And, when this palls, I make visits to my favorite embroidery design gallery to look for more!

It’s really a good idea to go through and backup ones computer files from time to time. In the case of machine embroidery designs, it’s part of the investment. Losing them isn’t the end of the world as most designers will replace the files, but it can take a lot of work if one doesn’t remember what they had in the first place! Backing them up on disk (I’m not a fan of online storage) means I’ll always have them. When I’m in the middle of stitching a pretty tablecloth, the backups are the last thing on my mind. Rest periods, in this instance, are a blessing because it gives me the time to do what I feel I must. Of course, it also gives me plenty of time to stock up on new embroidery supplies online!

Another blessing of the rest period, with modern technology at hand, is that I have plenty of time to look for and plan new embroidery projects. I don’t have summer clothing yet, so that is what I am most interested in. Now, I have a lot of time to indulge the need. There are always so many new embroidery patterns that I am interested in that it is hard to keep my thoughts straight. So, I’ll look at this time as a planning period. When I’m ready to stitch again, I’ll have more than enough to keep me, and my embroidery machine, happy!

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