How to Buy a House in New Zealand

Posted by Theblueprint on May 25th, 2013

Owning a home is a big possession and it tends to make your life more fulfilling. However, thanks to the soaring real estate value and unfavourable market conditions, coupled with the problem of dealing with different ‘experts’ - people are often stopped from buying their own home. The hazards that first home buyers face can be due to lack of property knowledge. Buying steps are sometimes so massive that people drop the idea of buying a home. However with the power of education and help of good New Zealand real estate agents, the process can be smooth and hassle free.

First home owners often find the process of buying a home quite painful. There are obvious pitfalls in every stage; from dealing with the bank to negotiating for the rate, from the budgeting and valuation of home to choosing the locality that would be suitable. The first step to purchasing a house is to know what information and knowledge is required to avoid mistakes.

Step-to-step guide for first home buyers:

  • The first step is to be financially prepared to buy the home. It requires allocating the bulk of your savings. Or if you need financial assistance, then you require assessing your financial eligibility to get a housing loan.
  • If you need financial support, you need to make a strategy to find the right home loan option.
  • Calculate the upfront and ongoing costs of managing the loan and household expenses.
  • Determine the right location for your home.
  • Learn the art of negotiating with the estate agents and knowing the right people to have on your team.
  • The final step: Buy the home!

Though quick to read, the process can be difficult to follow if you are not guided in each step. Fortunately, there are companies that can arrange seminars for first home buyers to educate them about every intrinsic step in buying a home. When arranged by a reputable company, these seminars will provide you with answers to all your questions. There are also websites where you can get details of seminars and other tips to buy a home. Check them out, and make your first home buying experience hassle-free.

About The Blueprint: is one of the most popular educators in New Zealand to provide house buying guides and strategies through seminars and online learning for first time home buyers. Over the past two years has delivered their strategies to almost 1000 individuals assisting over 120 people into their first home.

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