How to Choose a Good PDF to Word Converter

Posted by audreytaylor on May 26th, 2013

On the Internet today you can find more than 250 million PDF documents, according to Adobe Systems. The Portable Document Format is perfect for reading and sharing, especially because you can have a lot of information in one document and it will still be small sized, but when it comes to editing, most of us run into trouble. That is why it is recommended that you find a good PDF to Word converter and start editing! There are mainly two types of converters: the offline one and the PDF to Word online. But which one is best for you and how to choose the proper convertor for you?

The obvious answer is that the PDF to Word converter that meets your requirements is the one for you. This is not a circular explanation, but it is the simple way of saying that you need to know what you want from such a software program before you end up buying one.

Firstly, if you just want to make editable one or two documents, then maybe it is best that you do not to buy software programs. But as stated earlier, you do not have to worry about anything because you can find a way to convert PDF to Word online. There are hundreds of websites out there that can convert documents from one format to another in a matter of seconds. The problem with the PDF to Word online convertor is that it cannot transform a document that has been scanned. So even if you have just the one document to convert, if it is scanned, then you will require a software program in order to properly convert, or you can just type everything by hand if you feel like losing a few good hours.

The offline PDF to Word converter is a much stable and reliable than the online version. This can transform even scanned documents. These types of converters usually have additional options, like batch converting, which means that you can covert multiple PDF documents in one sitting, and you can also convert only the parts of the text that you require. Furthermore, these types of tools are user-friendly so that anybody can use them, without needing to be a pro in the IT department.

Although the PDF to Word online convertor is good for one or two simple jobs, the offline version is better because the quality of the output will be far superior. This means that the Word text that you will have after the conversion will not have overlapped text and filled with weird text boxes. A good offline converter will preserve the original layout of the text, tables, the graphics and even hyperlinks.

When searching for a good PDF to Word converter, you have to take into consideration what exactly you want from it and then decide if a PDF to Word online converter is what you need or an offline one.