Curiosity dispelled: Peter Molyneux reveals what's inside the cube

Posted by aosot on May 27th, 2013

Six months after it first went live, players have finally made it to the centre Archeage beta account of 22cans' infamous Curiosity experiment, barging their way past 25 billion "cubelets" to discover the "life-changing" experience promised to the person who removed the last barrier.

It turns out that the prize is an opportunity to be "the god of all players" in 22cans' Kickstarter-funded god game Project Godus. The winner will dictate the game rules and receive a cut of all the money made by the game.

22cans' Peter Molyneux was tweeting live as the last layer of the Curiosity cube, which players have collaboratively pecked away at since 6th November, disappeared and the fledgling game studio made contact with the winner.

"We are sending the winner the video explaining what's inside, hope he shares, " Molyneux tweeted. Soon after he added: "He has said he will share!!!!!!!!! "

A little later: "Okay winner is Bryan Henderson from Edinburgh. "

Mercifully for anyone who found the tension unbearable, Henderson agreed to share the details of his prize, which you can hear about in Molyneux's own words in the video below - the actual message given to Henderson for reaching the centre of the cube.

"You, the person who has reached the centre, will be the god of all players. You will intrinsically decide on the rules that the game is played by, " Molyneux said in the video. "And here's the life-changing bit: you will share in the success of the product. Every time people spend money on the product, you will get a small piece of the pie. "
source: eurogamer

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