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Posted by Johny Dean on May 27th, 2013

Your house that once seemed very spacious may be transformed little by little into something where you cannot find a single place to call your own. And because the need for relaxation is high, it is recommended to consider converting your garage into a space where you can sleep, draw, play chess, or do whatever makes you happy. Before proceeding with this garage transformation, make sure you have all the approvals required in this case.

The first step in giving your house a new look is to contact a company offering garage conversions Hartlepool or garage conversions Middlesbrough. Of course, you can always remove the garage door yourself and replace it with a smaller one, paint the walls of the new room in your preferred colour or insulate the exterior walls of the garage, all on your own, but you have no guarantee that all this will provide the level of comfort that you seek. So instead of leaving these things to chance, contact some professional garage converters.

The next step is to decide how much space your garage actually needs. Do not take too much space from the garage, otherwise you will find it very difficult or impossible to even park your car there. If you do not know how to calculate the minimal space needed by your now large garage, ask for the help of the same professionals that offer garage conversions Hartlepool and garage conversions Middlesbrough. Based on this, you can also see how much space will remain for your additional room.

When the purpose of the new room is set, determine together with the team of garage converters, where the plumbing, ventilation, air-conditioning, heating, and other installations will be placed. As a rule, always start with the electrical work, because this is the most complex of all and requires a lot of wiring and rewiring that take time. Luckily, if you address No 1 Garage Conversions, you can benefit from qualified electricians, offering services like: socket and light fittings, repair and installation, security alarms, security lighting, and electrical testing.

Transforming a part of your garage into a room or logy is recommended not only because it involves definitely less red tape than building a new room or logy from scratch, but also because this conversion has the potential of increasing the value of your house significantly. Why waste plenty of garage space, when it can be used to its full potential and give you and your family an oasis of relaxation?

Do you feel cramped in your own house? The solution may be simpler than you think. If you have a garage, a good part of it could be transformed into a new room or a lovely logy. All that you have to do is to contact No 1 Garage Conversions, one of the most experienced garage conversion companies in the UK. No 1 Garage Conversions is a family-run business offering services like garage conversions Hartlepool, garage conversions Middlesbrough, electrical work, building work, repair and installation. To cover all the aspects of your garage conversion, contact this company at 07775-694-540.

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