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Posted by Johny Dean on May 27th, 2013

Trees can be impressive leafy organisms. They are constantly adapting to the current environment, evolving from fragile live structures to strong and durable formations. Worldwide, there are around 100,000 species of trees. But trees, just like people, are vulnerable to diseases and snow, powerful winds, and rain, not mentioning the many accidents that could irremediably harm them. In these cases, when trees are hurt, the need for a tree surgery Essex occurs.

Let us take the example of a tree, whose roots are damaged by a weed eater, or whose leaves or branches are destroyed little by little by a devastating plant disease. In these conditions, the damaged area of the tree needs to be cut to allow the rest of the tree to develop properly, if possible. This tree felling Colchester technique is named "pruning" and is used to cut small parts of a tree to improve its general appearance, stop the evolution of a disease, or simply influence the growth of the tree.

Unlike pruning, which can be performed by anyone who uses scissors or small saw and some tree development tips, bore cut felling is a tree felling Colchester technique used only by professional tree surgeons. Traditionally, trees are cut down by using a simple notch and a back cut, but this method works mainly when trees are straight, and unfortunately, in many cases they are dangerously leaned towards houses or commercial spaces. By using the bore cut felling technique, a tree can fall in the desired direction, at a calculated angle, without damaging the objects and properties around.

A more complicated tree surgery Essex technique is the back pulling, which involves cutting the tree, so that it will fall in the opposite direction of its natural lean. This operation is performed if the tree is leaned towards a property location and the only solution is to cut the tree down against its natural lean. With the help of a winch and block system and many ropes, tree surgeons can control the direction of the fall and protect the property, as well as the infrastructure near the tree.

Regardless of the method used, you need to know that felling a tree is a risky job, even the pruning that was mentioned at the beginning. As long as you use scissors or a saw, or climb a tree to cut its branches, there is always room for hazard; you can hurt yourself without even knowing it. And this can go seriously bad, if you intend to cut down an entire tree, with branches and everything. You need to make sure that no people are present within a minimal safe distance, and you have to use only high-quality equipment, to avoid injuries.

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