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Save money on heating

Posted by moneyscrapbook on July 23rd, 2020

Energy prices have been rising for some time, but there are plenty of actions you can take to keep your bills under control. Here are 10 tips that could help cut the cost of keeping your home warm. - save money

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41. Turn down the heat If you are walking around indoors in a T-shirt in winter, you are burning cash. A simple but effective way to cut heating costs is to take control of your central heating thermostat. Reducing room temperatures by just 1°C could cut your heating bills by almost 10%. Adjusting your central heating timer to switch off at night and during the day if the house is empty will also minimise fuel consumption. Find out more: Home heating systems - the most efficient ways to heat your home

42. Mind the fire A working fireplace looks great, but when it's not in use it can feel as if you're heating a room with an open window. When the fire's out, keep the damper closed or buy a chimney balloon for around £20, which can be inflated in the opening above the fire to reduce draughts. Find out more: Wood-burning stoves - find out which stoves are worth your money

43. Install insulation Up to a third of heat disappears through the roof, so it makes sense to add insulation. Common insulation, such as mineral wool, has been joined in recent years by green options, such as sheep's wool. Installing 270mm of insulation in a four-bedroom detached house could cost as little as £395, and could cut your fuel bills by up to £240 a year as a result. Find out more: How to buy loft insulation - see our expert guide

44. Ensure your boiler is efficient Installing a more efficient boiler will lower your heating costs, particularly if you buy a condensing boiler. According to the Energy Saving Trust, a condensing boiler could save you as much as £310 a year - although installation costs can be higher than for a conventional boiler. Find out more: Boiler reviews - find out which brand of boilers are rated as Which? Best Buys

45. Don't overuse extractor fans Extractor fans in bathrooms and kitchens burn energy if they are left on longer than necessary, so adjust the timer or switch them off manually to save energy. Some ventilation units have heat-recovery systems to reduce energy loss further. Find out more: creating a safer bathroom - a list of useful additions for your bathroom

46. Deal with draughts Tackle draughts by filling any gaps around window frames, door frames and pipework that passes through external walls. This can be done using draught excluder strips or expanding foam fillers. Loft hatches should also be insulated, as should the edges of the loft opening.

47. Wrap up your tank If you live in an older house and have an uninsulated or poorly insulated hot-water tank, you are wasting money every time you switch on your hot-water system. Wrapping it up in a British Standard cylinder jacket that is at least 75mm thick can reduce heat loss by 70%. Jackets are available for as little as £10. Find out more: Water-saving products - a list of tools to help you save water

48. Switch with Which? You can cut your heating bills by switching energy suppliers. People who switched with Which? Switch between 1 November 2016 and 30th April 2017 could save an average of £236.73 a year on their gas and electricity bills. Find out more: Which? Switch - compare gas and electricity prices

49. Don't heat unused rooms If you have a spare bedroom that is rarely used, turn its radiator down to the lowest setting without turning it off completely. Fitting reflective foil behind radiators on external walls will also help to reduce the rate of heat loss in these rooms.

50. Get an energy audit Getting expert advice to help you save money needn't be hard work - you can carry out a free, online home-energy check on the Energy Saving Trust website

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