History And Facts About Jade Rings

Posted by JewelleryMen on May 27th, 2013

The beautiful green gemstone that has been sought after for centuries is nothing but Jade. With a variety of lush shades of green and a certain translucency, jade has been a favorite gemstone choice for many. For those who are born in March, jade stones are their Birthstones and for people who have Virgo as their Sun Sign, a jade ring on their fingers will attract positivity and success. These exquisite looking jade stones are used to create beautiful rings that are worn both by men and women.

Jade – Appreciated for its Unmatched Beauty for Centuries
The gemstone jade is closely associated with China and its history. The Chinese considered jade as ‘The Stone From Heaven’ and it adorned the hands of every Chinese ruler for about 9000 years. It is believed that jade captures both the yin and yang qualities to be favorable to the one who is wearing it in the form of a ring on their hands.

Before buying jade rings, acquire more knowledge about them. There are basically two types of jade stones available, jadeite and nephrite. Both look similar since the distinction between them won’t be so prominent. Nephrite has more intense shades and so they are priced higher.

Here are some more interesting facts about jade rings:

  • Pure jade stones are available in Myanmar and China. It is also widely found in India, Mexico, and America.
  • The most expensive type of jade is known as imperial jade and it is available in Myanmar.
  • The highly priced jade stones are an Emerald green color. Jade is also available in other colors like yellow, pink, purple, black and also sometimes orange.
  • While buying jade rings ensure the color is perfect, the texture is smooth and the stone is translucent to add more value to your investment in it.
  • Jade rings are cut in different attractive shapes to make beautiful jade rings in which the gemstone will be embedded in gold and silver with engravings and shoulder designs.
  • Jade rings are a perfect gift for 12th anniversary and also for 35th anniversary celebrations.

You can also order your personalized jade ring online with trustworthy jewelers offering exclusive custom ring designing services. By making use of custom ring designing services, you can design your ring online using jewelry design platforms and place your orders. Personalized jade rings are moderately priced based on the design and engravings.

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