Lace wigs: Washing process that can enhance their long lasting expectancy

Posted by adairsawyer on May 27th, 2013

The trend of wearing lace wigs is not a new wind among women who prefer to look presentable, not just in parties, but also in workaday situations. A must-have for women who work in the front-office, hospitality and media industries, professionals from other walks of life also prefer to use these hairpieces in bad hair days to look chic even when the scene underneath is embarrassing. A synthetic lace wig is tough and long lasting, that allows users to wear them for years within fearing wear and tear. However, a wig of even the toughest kind will not last if you do not clean it timely and take care enough.

Cleaning a synthetic fiber woven wig does not mean that you could just dip it in a sink full of water, wash with detergent, rinse it and hang it dry. There is procedure of cleaning lace wigs that is neatly described at the back of the product box. At first, you’ll need an adhesive remover in the form of a citrus solvent to peel off the tape from the scalp of the wig. Make sure you do not start scrubbing the table on the lace part as it can end up damaging the synthetic lace wig.

If it is too tough, you can also soak it in the remover solution for a few hours until if starts to come off by itself. Now is the main cleaning part that requires more than a strong cleanser. Take the wig to the sink and inverting it, try to scrape out residual dirt with the help of a teaspoon. A nail brush can also be used to take the dirt and adhesive remover from the lace skin of the synthetic lace wig. Some people prefer to condition the wig next before they start the cleaning. This is because the former procedure can get the strands of lace wigs tangled. Spray in moisturizer or a de-tangler and use a wide-toothed comb to run through the strands.

Now, put the wig back on the head of the Styrofoam it came with and start the clean-up. Using a mild shampoo and lukewarm water, apply the shampoo all over the scalp and throughout the hair strands with your finger. Do not forget to stick the wig to the manikin with T pins so that it does not come off. For it gets frothy, use a hand-shower to rinse the bubbles from the synthetic lace wig.

Post-washing, follow the process with a conditioner, this time a sulfate-free one. Let it soak in for 10 minutes. Afterwards squeeze out the excess water or simply wash it off. Dry the residue water in a soft towel and place it in another dry towel and wait till the moisture gets entirely soaked up. Do not use a hair dryer on a regular basis. You can use a hair curler or hair iron to get the wig in shape on the best brand lace wigs.

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