The Trend of Genealogical Services Is Hot Hot Hot!

Posted by recordclick on May 27th, 2013

In a society that thrives on trends and rankings – what's hot and what's not – genealogists and family history researchers might be surprised to hear that when it comes to genealogy research, "one out of every 200 queries on the Internet are for genealogy," according to a 2012 study done by GenealogyInTime Magazine. Not only that, the field of genealogy continues to expand. In other words – genealogy is Hot Hot Hot!

The results of the June 2012 study were based on global traffic statistics gathered by Alexa, a Web information company that provides global Web metrics. The study's quantifiable numbers were arrived at by focusing on the traffic of the top 100 genealogy websites. What the numbers tell genealogists is that family history research is progressing and it is evolving. Admittedly, much of the growth is due to the increasing number of databases offering higher quality ancestral records to family history researchers.

In addition to better online research resources, genealogical services are now advertising on television and other media outlets, while major networks are producing programming based on ancestor search. PBS's Who Do You Think You Are (WDYTYA) went a long way in grabbing the attention of amateur, as well as professional genealogists. Though WDYTYA is now canceled, PBS is producing a new series called Genealogy Roadshow, which will premiere in the fall. The program will combine traditional and genetic genealogy research to discover fascinating stories about non-celebrity Americans and their ancestors.

Within the field of genealogy, the study showed which sectors are growing the fastest. Genealogical services are at the top of the list, growing at a rate of 29%, while ancestral records and genealogy search engines are growing at a rate of 23% each. The top 100 genealogy websites studied included 56 free websites and 44 pay websites; however, the pay websites drew 56% of the Internet traffic. These numbers appear to indicate that family history researchers, though willing to do their own research, are also open to paying for genealogical services.

It has been my experience with many different kinds of clients – professional genealogists to beginner family history researchers – that a major drawing factor to a genealogical services website is the availability of a comprehensive list of services. A full-service family history researcher firm offers much more than just record retrieval. A professional genealogy research firm may offer a myriad of services and products to aid genealogists at every level of their ancestor search, as well as find biological parents or other living relatives. Additionally important services may include: domestic and international genealogy, lineage research to prove citizenship by descent (jus sanguinis), find missing relatives, genetic genealogy (including family tree DNA testing and consultations), genealogy analysis and consultation, genealogy tree research, heir hunting, Native American and Tribal citizenship, Jewish genealogy, help with lineage society applications, and more.

Family history researchers are also interested in seeking peripheral services that may enhance or embellish the hard work they have done to trace family history, so that they might create a legacy that may be passed on to their descendants. Instead of just handing over a box of documents, clients are reaching out to hire professional genealogical services to turn their research and documentation into video biographies, published and online legacy books, medical family histories, and family history videos.

Whatever your ancestor search needs are, it is wise to find a genealogy service that staffs professionals and experts in genealogy research, as well as offers supporting and enhancing services to create your family tree legacy.

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The article has been written by Elizabeth Khan. Headed by Founder and Co-Owner Elizabeth Khan, an English-born entrepreneur with an Irish twist, Record Click offers its customers a unique research experience through its interactive on-line project management system that allows clients an unparalleled participatory experience, while also providing valuable input to the Team. Record Click doesn't just assign an individual genealogy researcher to a case; it unleashes its entire Team on each genealogy case, so that clients are able to leverage a network of knowledge and strategies.

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