2012 fashion trends: A look through the ins and outs

Posted by AmandaTom on May 27th, 2013

 Fashion for women is what technology is to men. However, the obsession with fashion has now become unisexual with both men and women wanting to grasp the limelight and steal the show. While the fashion world is ruled by Hollywood celebs and models in fashion parades in Paris, the commoners make them trends and statements by approving and accepting them. 2012 fashion trends have been one of the topics that have been highly researched over the Web. Since year 2013 is still on its salad months, fashion trends are yet to be developed. So, as of now, people still prefer to follow the fashion trends 2012 while to replenish their wardrobe, etc.

The big fashion houses in the market, for the last year, has brought in a few exciting changes which make the 2012 fashion trends all the more attention arresting. For women, the peplum skirted blouse was made the trend in both party and office wear. Ideal to add a whole lot of femininity to the attire, women were seen tying sleek belts under the bust line to accentuate the curves. Peplum in various forms and shapes ruled the ramp, thus making it to the fashion trends 2012. The next design that drew attention by its comfortable feel and commonality in the Paris fashion ramp and the market is a pant that looks to be inspired by Pajamas.

Strange enough, the models managed to look very chic in these very loose or otherwise baggy cloth items. Their silky fabric, wide legs and customized prints and designs gave them the style with a difference. Moving to shoes, the 2012 fashion trends include wedge sneakers, extremely funky, something you cannot overlook. With all its vibrancy, the shoes make the perfect choice to pair up with knee length shorts or even long and short skirts. Wedge sneakers come up above the ankles and are available in a wide variety of patterns and in psychedelic shades. A write-up on fashion trends 2012 goes incomplete without the embellished baroque.

Best suited for parties and balls where this gilded article will not look a bit extra, this dress with its rich embellishments and luxuriant fabric is likely to steal all glances at you. This highly ornate thigh- length gown looks perfect in all designs. Some of them are designed in overall with fur collars that make the outfit look perfectly eye-catching. The fashion trends 2012 also include Baroque shades and biker jackets, both of which are rich in designs and very feminine to look at. The wine red oxblood was officially announced to be the fall color of 2012 fashion trends. The color enjoyed its 15 minutes of fame by finding place in some of the most exquisite of gowns and outfits designed by remarkable figures. Leather pants, runway sweatshirts, jackets with leather sleeves, printed trousers, etc. complete the list of fashion trends 2012. Read through the fashion blogs available online to know which of these will make it to the trend this year.

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