5 Powerful business intelligence tools that leads the market in 2020

Posted by sarithareddy on July 23rd, 2020

Ensuring the business success had  become a harder part for the organizations of all sizes because of the large volumes of the datasets. Preferably, all the companies are looking for help in order to make sustainable and profitable business decisions. Without the intervention of the IT, these data challenges can be resolved by using effective, modern and  powerful business intelligence tools.

These BI tools help to analyze, capture, evaluate, monitor and forecast future predictions of the companies databases. Moreover, identifying market trends, and performing online data analysis are becoming more vital in the facet of business operations, strategic development and in increasing profits to the organizations.

Here, I am going to discuss the most prominent BI tools that benefit the organizations and companies in handling massive data.

Business Intelligence Tools:

BI tools are the type of softwares that is used to analyze, improve, process, identify large volumes of data to generate actionable business insights, reports and to make simplified business decisions.

The key features enabled for these tools are data virtualization, KPI reports, interactive dashboards, and data analytics etc.

Benefits of the powerful business intelligence tools:

The BI tools carry some key benefits for the organization's growth and success. They are:

  • These tools focus on bringing together all the relevant data at one place.

  • The self-service analytics features help the organizations in reducing the company’s time and resources thereby reducing the burden on the IT department.

  • Helps in reducing the traditional tasks that consume more time, and also reduce the operational costs.

  • These tools provide 24*7 support ensuring to have a full SaaS BI experience.

  • By adopting the BI tools, you will be in a secured environment by obtaining higher productivity and increased profit margins.

Powerful Business Intelligence tools in the market in 2020:

Here are the best and most popular BI tools in 2020. Each and every tool has its own advantages and performance in showcasing an optimized data analytics.

1.Microsoft Power BI:

Microsoft Power BI is a data discovery and visualization tool from Microsoft. It acts as a dynamic tool in converting the raw data into visuals, graphs, explore and analyze the data, create interactive dashboards, generate reports, and helps in scaling the organization with outstanding security and governance. 

It comes with an integration feature, so as to link some applications to drive analytical data. This BI tool comes with essential features like Power Pivot and Powerview. It helps in making smarter decisions that drive value to your business. Each and every level in your organization should be equipped with Power BI to take confident decisions.

You can get self-service analytics at an enterprise scale by reducing the complexity, security risks and cost reduction. You can easily keep secure and protect even when your analytical data is exported.

If you want to be an expert with Power BI, you need to take the course training to be very proficient in handling organization's datasets.

2. IBM Cognos:

IBM  Cognos is a web based platform that is integrated by the BI suite developed by IBM. With the help of IBM cognos, one can easily drive hidden insights in the data that helps in accelerating the business growth. This BI tool is designed in order to handle the larger deployments. 

IBM Cognos comes with exciting features like query studio, analysis studio, event studio, cognos administration along with Microsoft integration tools etc. By using this tool, you can create your own dashboards and access data from anywhere in the world.

It is supported by the cloud environment that utilizes the AI recommendations to provide tight security, governance for the data is established. This tool is also available for the mobile users, in order to access the data at your fingertips.

If you want to be proficient With the IBM cognos BI tool, definitely you should opt for the training or certification. Here you can find the complete details related to the IBM Cognos Analytics course.

3.SAP BusinessObjects:

SAP businessobjects is an intelligent and powerful business intelligence tool suite designed for analyzing, reporting and structuring the data to make sound business decisions. This tool comes with handy powerpoint and excel integrations to connect with the organizations on-premise and cloud SAP systems. 

This tool supports mostly the following business categories like ERP, CRM, supply chain management, HR etc.It is designed with a powerful BI strategy to drive overall company’s data. It comes with self-service analytics and role based dashboards to evaluate the risks and hidden patterns in the data.

Moreover by integrating the excel to the SAP you can analyze the larger datasets and embed those analytics into the powerpoint. If you want to be proficient in the SAP modules, you need training or certification to become an expertise.

4. Tableau BI tool:

Tableau is a BI system that is used by everyone, because everyone has some questions to be answered. It is easy to use BI system as it integrates with Microsoft sharepoint and also supports mobile BI strategy. Moreover, users of this tool can easily access data from multiple sources and also can add their own data to the existing systems.

It comes with switch ad hoc analysis, so that everyone in the business can see the analytics of the data. It helps the business analysts to place the KPI’s on the centralized analytic platform that can be viewed by all related people in the organization.

It is a powerful analytical engine in exploring and discovering the insights of the data. It had a handy drag and drop interface for easy accessing of data. The tableau’s intuitive interface helps to tackle the complex issues and stays users in the flow of analysis.

Want to be an expert with this tool, you need to take training in the tableau course.

5. Sisense:

Sisense is a powerful BI tool that comes with mobile and web based deployments. This tool empowers the BI, data professionals, developers, business leaders to manage complex data and convert into a simplified analytic form. It is an API first cloud technology used to mashup data and create analytic apps so as to integrate it anywhere.

The self-service analytical platform leverages the data and everyone in the process can visualize it. In order to manage resource utilization and optimize performance this tool is very prominent. You can deploy the analytics on the on-premise, cloud and on hybris analytic platform.

The key features supported by this tool are ad hoc analysis, ad hoc queries, ad hoc reports, data virtualizations, profitability analysis, key performance indicators and strategic planning etc.


As you know that business intelligence means applying intelligence to drive positive results for your business. Manual process is risking and cost effective, there comes BI tools which do work faster and help in achieving better results. The above mentioned list is the curated list of BI tools that are used by the companies in analysing their data to increase the profit margins.

Author Bio:

I am Saritha reddy Symala working as a content writer in HKR Trainings. I am an enthusiastic learner and create content in a user friendly manner. I am also a blogger by passion. 


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