Spirituality Information - Journey In The Fields Of Forever ( Part 15 )

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

?Well,? I asked, ?what are you doing in this neck of the woods? I know you just didn?t happen to be passing by? You must have something specific in mind ? that?s why you?re here.?

?He seems to know us only too well, Marla,? Gideon said with a wink. ?But then again, John, we don?t always need a reason to see you.Friends, no matter where they are, love to get together just for the fun and enjoyment of each other?s company. You?re a dear friend of ours and we love your company.?

?If you love my company so much, how come I haven?t seen either of you in years, except for last week, of course?? There was a noticeable edge of sarcasm in my voice.

Marla responded, ?It?s like this, John. Both Gideon and I were temporarily called away on another assignment.There were others who remained to assist you when needed, but we had to leave for a while. We did keep up on the reports about you and learned that you?d managed to come through some very difficult times. However,weknewyou?dalwayscomethroughanydifficulty.? ?I always assumed you knew about my situation. And of course, the moment I finished struggling with one problem, there were bigger and more difficult ones to deal with.? I looked from one to the other waiting for a reply.

?That?s how life is, John,? Marla said. ?You finish one grade and then you pass on to another. You learn to count from one to a hundred, then from a hundred to any number. Then they teach you the multiplication tables followed by simple but basic principles of mathematics. Later come algebra, geometry, calculus and others. You could quit school if you wanted to, but you?d still have to go into something else. Anyway, why are we spending this gorgeous afternoon discussing such things? Tell him what we had in mind, Gideon.?

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