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What are the types of Chinese classic furniture?

Posted by yunyingjj09 on July 23rd, 2020

Many furniture collectors like classic furniture very much, but most consumers do not know what kinds of classic furniture are divided into.Here, James Classic Furniture Supplier introduces the common types of Classic Furniture in China.

The type of Chinese classic furniture

According to different functions, Chinese classic furniture can be divided into "five categories" in principle: couch, table and case, chair and stool, cupboards and rack, and miscellaneous DAO.

1. Chairs and stools

Before the Han Dynasty, people did not have a seat. They usually used MATS made of thatch, leaves and animal skins to sit on the ground. It was not until a sitting instrument called Hu bed was introduced into The Central Plains from outside the region that there was a chair stool in the true sense. After the full development of the Tang Dynasty, the chair was separated from the name of hu bed, called the chair.

The chair evolved into three categories: stool, chair and throne, which were subdivided into various names and shapes:

(1) Stool: Square stool, stool, stool, horse stool, footstool, stool, stool.

(2) Chair: seat of honor, chair of master, chair of head of four official cap, chair of southern official cap, arm-chair, rose chair, lamp hanging chair, chair of imperial palace, etc.

(3) The throne.

2. Table and table

The table case has a high status in ancient Chinese culture, which is the product of the inheritance of Chinese etiquette culture and also an indispensable important tool for etiquette reception. In ancient China, there was a strict hierarchical system for table cases. For example, the altars are mainly used to worship the deceased elders and ancestors; The eight Immortals square table is mainly used to receive important guests. For example, "Please sit up" refers to the left side of the eight Immortals square table facing south. Round table is mainly used for family meals and family reunion.

According to living habits and USES, Chinese furniture can be roughly divided into altar table, square/round/crescent table, table and other furniture.

3. Couch type

Bed bed has a long history, a great variety, according to the material can be roughly divided into two categories: one is made by precious hard wood, such as huanghua pear, rosewood; The other was of white wood, painted, gilded, or inlaid.

The history of the bed can be traced back to shen Nong's time, when it was just a sitting device for resting and entertaining guests. It was not until the sixth Dynasty that high-foot sitting bedclothes appeared. "Bed" and "couch" in the era of sitting on the ground, there is a division of labor. The bed body is large, can be a sitting, also is a bedding; The couch is small and only used for seating.

After The Wei, Jin and Northern and Southern Dynasties, the bed body increased, bed and bed are also carrying two functions of sitting and lying, so it is difficult to distinguish completely. Think on custom: the bed is long not only, and wide, basically be bedding. The couch is long and narrow for sitting or lying down.

With the development of the society, today we see the classic furniture in the bed, bed, arhat bed, imperial concubine bed, is the Ming and Qing Dynasties and even the republic of China period remains, especially in the Qing Dynasty in the majority. There are mainly: cot bed, frame bed, Arhat bed, Arhat bed, imperial concubine bed.

4. Cupboards and racks

The use of cupboards began about xia Shang period, the ancient "cupboard", not the cupboard we see today, but very much like the box we see now, and the ancient "box", is specifically refers to the indoor storage place. Among the unearthed cultural relics, the earliest cupboard so far should be the small box of the Chu Tomb of the Warring States in Changtai Pass, Xinyang, Henan province, and the lacquer wood suitcase of the Tomb of Zeng Houyi, Suixian County, Hubei Province. We say it is a box here, is according to modern people, if by the warring States called, should be called "cupboard".

Arrived Han Dynasty, just had distinction to be called at present "box" small cupboard, ark is rectangular, below have four feet, ark top middle has the ark cover that can open, and install hidden lock, ark body makes adornment with milk nail. By the Tang Dynasty, there were larger cupboards that could hold more than one item. Since the Song Dynasty, there has been a special bookcase, the body is square, open two doors, two drawer is divided into three compartments. It was not until the Ming Dynasty that many new varieties of shelf were created.

Distinguish from function, furniture of Chinese classic ark frame can be divided into 4 kinds roughly:

(1) Bedroom: top box cupboard, official cap cupboard, etc.;

(2) Study: Wanli cupboard, net back bookshelf, door bookcase, qianqiu bookshelf, etc.;

(3) Treasure cupboard, treasure cupboard, antique cupboard, etc.;

(4) Kitchen: cupboards, cupboards, etc.

5. Miscellaneous

According to the functions and functions of miscellaneous categories, they are roughly divided into the following "four categories" :

(1) Storage items: book boxes, trunks, official trunks, treasure boxes, stationery boxes, printing boxes, other boxes, trays, and suitcases;

(2) Screens: floor screen, bed screen, combing screen, lamp screen, hanging screen, curved screen, etc.;

(3) Rack and fittings: hanger, basin rack, mirror stand, candlestick, bearing foot (foot), etc.;

(4) Decorations: pen holder, ink cartridge, chess can, bottle holder, dish holder, cigarette set, carving piece, etc.

After reading this article, you must have a general understanding of the main categories of classic furniture. If you would like to learn more about Furniture, check out James Bond Furniture Supplier for more information.

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