Music Licensing: A Need for Business Before Using a Music

Posted by Music Of The Sea on July 24th, 2020

One who does not feel the music does not feel anything. Music has an unmatched ability to change and set the mood of any presentation, event, and business space. It has its own set of cultures. Businesses are immensely benefitted by the use of music, however, there are a few things to keep in mind. Without buying the music license, making use of music is unethical and can result in huge penalization. 

You might get surprised to find the various ways most of the corporate businesses are able to make use of music in their daily activities and operations. No doubt you might feel that a piece of specific music can be apt for your business space but before you start playing on your shop or business place, you need to invest time in understanding the music licensing in depth. Working with renowned music licensing agency can become a lot beneficial in this case especially for the newcomers. 

So let us have a look at the basics of music licensing. 

How to utilize music in businesses?

There are limitless ways of incorporating music in businesses and organizations. You are also aware of its impact on the businesses, especially on the shoppers. Music adds value to organizations and businesses in several ways and some of the most common ways comprise of.

Promotion and Advertisement: in case you are making use of music for selling or promotion of a product or any service, there is always a need for buying a license. The same goes for jingles, commercials, social media, and marketing videos.

  • Live events: The places where you mostly visit to watch the live events need to buy the license before listing any live band show. The trade shows, the conventions, the sponsored events, and other places hosting live performances need the performance license. 
  • Presentations and internal training: If you are willing to make the presentation much more powerful and engaging video, consider integrating great music to it. However, without having the licensing, making use of music can result in huge difficulties. 
  • Retail store: Most of the retail stores that have to welcome shoppers every now and then mostly include music for their benefits. However, this again will require the business to have the music license if they are not willing to get penalized. 

Can music become the voice of any business?

A big yes! Music can become the only soothing and engaging voice for a brand. Unless you have created your own music, you will require buying the license. There are different types of music license which you would require knowing before you opt for buying a license. Instead of taking the stress on you, get in touch with the top music licensing company to avail the full benefit. 

So what are the different types of music?

Public performance license: 

If you want to broadcast music or want to perform any music in a public forum, public performance license is definitely a need for you. Since you are making use of someone else’s song for your profit, you are liable to pay a percentage of it. Like if you want to play music in the radio stations, concert venues, restaurants, and television networks, you need to buy the performance license. 

No matter whether the performance is in a physical store or it is rendered through DJ, CD, live band or smartphone. This music license is required especially for the people or businesses who make use of music in the trade show, conference, retail space, or any other type of company event. 

Master Use and Sync Licenses: 

When you make use of any music in some advertisement or video or into other audiovisual formats will need to buy the sync or synchronization license. You will need to buy this from the owner of the song copyright and the master use license which you need to buy from the song recording owner. 

The music sync licenses are granted by composers and also the creator of the original work. However, generally, the master license of the recorded track lies with the publisher or the label. 

This license will be required when you use music in any presentation or promotional videos or any other commercial visual piece. 

What are various kinds of licensed music? 

Top music:

One of the most expensive and difficult licenses that you can get is this music. These are owned by some of the premium music labels of the mainstream media. In order to make use of this music in your business, there is a need for signing a contract and also negotiating the deal with music publishers. 

Stay aware that getting the license from the companies can end up spending thousands of dollars. Most of the time, since they get so many requests, they are unable to contact everyone individually.  Therefore if not necessary, consider renting a license for not so popular music in order to stay away from the hassle or get in touch with good music licensing agency

Independent music:

The music which is distributed and created by independent artists tends to be less expensive compared to that of popular music. However, these are generally targeted to a specific group of audience. Now you might be thinking whether you will require license for using the music composed by the independent artists. Not necessarily, however it can increase the risk. 

Unlike licensed music which is owned by the publishers and labels, most of the independent artists lack the resources and funds. However, some collaborate with the music licensing agency to get the utmost benefit from their creation, and hence you need to buy the license to eradicate the risk factor. 

Production music: 

Now, this is another group of music or the royalty fee music that is offered by some popular music channels. You can make use of their song for your video. 

What is the penalty for using unlicensed music? 

Making use of music in businesses without having the license is definitely a big no no for every business. The need for buying the music license is of utmost importance. If you think that how are the agencies going to know if you are playing a song without a license, then you need to know that the survey are done in different patterns and if you fall in their trap you might end up ruining your life. 

Music has an unparalleled ability to attract more people in any business or the professional avenue. Whether it is a video or a presentation, including fantastic background music can be of great value. Even the corporates with hundreds of employees make use of music on their floor just to make sure that the employees do not get frustrated or lose their calm. Music ensures keeping the peace in mind and getting the best creativity out from the people. 

To conclude, music is one of the most used and productive ways to get the best from the professionals. Undoubtedly it is, but in order to enjoy its complete value, you initially need to know that you are making ethical use of it. This is the reason why using licensed music is always recommended. You can get in touch with renowned music licensing agency and enjoy its multiple advantages. They not only take care of licensing but also the various other aspects of music publishing.

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